I'm interested in purchasing a 2020 Chevy Bolt EV - premium (in Indiana) and noticed that tbelow are 2 "discounts" on GM's primary website (and even some individual dealer's webwebsite advertise this offer).

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Customer cash for 8.5k and also cash allowance for 4.75k (and also 0% APR when going with the manufacturer's finance company).

I tried a simple google search but most short articles describe them as the very same point. Sorry if these seem favor fundamental concerns but:

Is tright here a distinction between customer cash and also cash allowance?

It looks choose I can apply both to the price of the automobile when I go to purchase it? If so, why are they dubbed different things?

Does everyone qualify for this discount or do I must be a "loyal" customer?

Thank you!

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VW Sales
They're likely a combination of manufacturer, federal government, and dealer rebates and also discounts. You'll absolutely desire to acquire a quote from the dealer excluding any kind of rebates you don't qualify for.

All the Chevy dealers in that area run the same or similar programs. My dealer in certain provides the very same routine a few of our rivals likewise usage so our deals are virtually specifically the very same but have the right to be structured in different ways.

If this dealer is giving you a $1,000 customer cash discount upfront but then charging you $999 for wheel locks on the back, well...

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Thank you! This provides sense

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