1. To announce something. In this intake, a noun or pronoun have the right to be offered in between "call" and "out." Once everyone is seated, the host will contact out the winners" names. If you"ve got Bingo, call it out!
2. To shout in an effort to draw attention to oneself. I referred to as out to my best frifinish when I witnessed her walking dvery own the street, yet she had headphones on and also couldn"t hear me. My husband also came running when he heard me call out for aid.

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3. To face one around one"s misdeeds or unpleasant behavior. In this usage, a noun or pronoun deserve to be used in between "call" and also "out." If your intern keeps coming in late, you must contact her out on it.
4. To obstacle one to a fight. In this consumption, a noun or pronoun have the right to be provided in between "call" and also "out." I wouldn"t call that male out—I know for a reality that he carries a knife.
5. To repursuit one"s assist or existence. In this usage, a noun or pronoun deserve to be supplied between "call" and also "out." When that instance had me stumped, I dubbed an additional detective out to testimonial it with me. The president referred to as out army troops when the instance became unstable.
6. To use something, regularly a top quality or ability. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be offered between "call" and "out." The championship game was so intense that I really had to call out my psychological toughness simply to obtain through it.
to research the solutions of someone or a group. (See additionally call someone up; call someone out.) Things got bad sufficient that the governor called the militia out. The governor called out the militia.
to obstacle someone to a fight. Wilbur wanted to contact him out, but assumed much better of it. Why did you contact out that guy? He used to be a prizefighter!
1. to draw on something, such as a specific quality or talent. It"s times favor these that contact the best out in us. These times speak to out our finest effort.
2. to shout out something. Who referred to as the warning out? You must call out a warning to those behind you on the trail.
to soptimal loudly to gain someone"s attention. Mike called out to Tom that tright here was a telephone contact for him. I heard someone contact out, however I could view no one.
2. Challenge to a fight, as in To avenge the insult, Arthur referred to as him out. This term originated through dueling and is dying out.
1. To shout: When I realized I was trapped, I called out for help. I referred to as out from the porch for lemonade.
2. To say something in a loud voice; announce something: The announcer called out the names of the runners as they crossed the finish line. The conductor dubbed the station name out as we pulled up.
3. To repursuit the services of someone or something: The mayor dubbed out the guard to suppress the riots. We referred to as the veterinarian out to the farm to examine one of the calves.

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5. To order food from a restaurant by telephone: If you do not desire to cook, we can just contact out for pizza.