Cauchy"s Hypothesis or Noll"s theorem says that $vect(vecX,t;partial Omega) = vect(vecX,t;vecN)$ where $vecN$ is the outward unity normal to the positively oriented surconfront $partial Omega$. This translates to words as the dependence of the surface interactivity vector on the surface on which it acts is only through the normal $vecN$. My question is what is the definition of the semicolon (;)? How does it differ from the comma (,) used to separated the function"s first two arguments?



Tright here is no hard jiyuushikan.orgematical distinction between the comma (,) and also the semicolon(;).

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The semicolon is used sometimes to optically separate some variable team. So the semicolon is not even more than a reading aid.

The instance have the right to be compared to the usage of different sort of parentheses, to make complex nestings more readable.



A semicolon is supplied to separate variables from parameters. Quite regularly, the terms variables and parameters are supplied interchangeably, yet with a semicolon the meaning is that we are specifying a function of the parameters that returns a role of the variables.

For example, if I compose $f(x1,x2,ldots;p1,p2,ldots)$ then I expect that by supplying the parameters $(p1, p2,ldots)$, I create a new feature whose debates are $(x1, x2,ldots)$.

So the basic syntaxes is $functionname(variables;parameters)$.

In Noll"s theorem it says that the feature developed by providing $partial Omega$ is the same as that produced by offering $vecN$. That"s fairly a nice way of saying that the attribute developed only relies on $vecN$.


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