What do the letters mean on kik

Using the Kik Messenger app is really straightforward. Users deserve to join the app for cost-free and begin chatting to various other customers almost instantly after creating their very own prorecords. Many civilization discover Kik Messenger exponentially simple to usage. And, while it is true that, thankfully, the Kik Messenger app is straightforward to use, tright here are a few things that customers would certainly benefit from discovering. We are talking around some little points that would considerably boost your suffer of utilizing the Kik Messenger app. One of those things is the meaning behind the message icons.

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You may or might not have noticed that tbelow are letter icons displaying next to eincredibly single message that you sfinish or receive. If you are wondering what the exact interpretation of those symbols is, you have come to the right place. Even if you think you do know what some or all of those signs expect, we think you can advantage from reading this write-up as we will certainly describe in an excellent deal of information what each and also eexceptionally one of those icons intend.

Knowing the meaning of those symbols might really improve your suffer of making use of the Kik Messenger app to chat to your friends or satisfy new world. The finest means to make the the majority of out of chatting on this excellent prompt messaging application is to understand all you have the right to around it. We hope that this short article will certainly assist you make the a lot of out of Kik Messenger.


What Are Kik Blog post Symbols?

So, prefer we shelp on our arrival, eexceptionally message that is sent out or got on Kik Messenger has a letter displaying alongside it. These letters are what we describe as Kik Message signs. Each among those letters has an extremely certain definition. Tright here are also other symbols that are not letters. In this article we will certainly go with each and also eextremely one of those icons whether they are letters or not so that following time you usage the immediate messenger you will know specifically what they all expect.

Why is it crucial to know the meaning of Kik message symbols? The answer to that question will become fairly evident as you read on but, for currently, let’s say that tbelow are ways in which you have the right to use those symbols to your benefit or, probably, simply stop some unimportant misunderstandings via your Kik friends.

Kik Letter Symbols

Let’s start through the letter signs, which are the ones that you will come across more often. The slightly confusing thing around letter signs is that most Kik Messenger users seem to think that they know their interpretation. So, even if you think you know exactly what those letter symbols suppose, we would certainly still recommend you continue reading this section. You can be surprised to uncover out what they actually intend.

Tbelow are just 3 letter symbols: “S”, “D”, and “R”.



The “S” icons means “sent”. Now, this seems extremely straightforward indeed however let’s go into what it actually indicates. Whenever you watch an “S” symbol in a Kik chat or conversation (a Kik chat or a Kik conversation are precisely the exact same thing), it means that your message has actually been efficiently sent to the perboy (or people, if this be a group chat) that you intended to sfinish it to. The “S” effectively means that the Kik Messenger Web server has actually sent the message. But that is all it means; it does not mean that the person (or people) you are chatting through would have actually seen it or also got it yet. If one of your messages continues to be with an “S” symbol next to it for rather some time, this could mean that the intfinished recipient does not have actually a Wi Fi connection at the minute, and also cannot therefore receive your message.

Often quickly after the “S” symbol is shown, it is reinserted by a “D” symbol. The “D” symbol, aobtain straightforwardly enough, means “delivered”.

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What this symbol suggests is that the message you had actually sent out has now been ceded to the person’s (or people’s) smart phone or Kik compatible mobile tool. Does this suppose that they have read it? Again, the answer to this would certainly be no. Just bereason a message is yielded it does not expect that the recipient has read it, or also is in a position to check out it. How so? Well, because the “D”, choose the “S” symbol pretty much just proves that there has not been a technical difficulty via the servers or such prefer. There can be factors why a message choose “D” has not been review by the recipient.

One of those reasons can be that the recipient is ameans from his or her smart mobile gadget. Another factor could be that, for whatever before reason, their gadget is turned off. Or, simply, he or she has not released the Kik Messenger app newly. Until they have actually actually watched the message, the “D” symbol will certainly reprimary in area. If the recipient is using an iOS tool (either an iPhone or an iPod Touch) or a Windows Phone, tright here would also be 2 different versions of the “D” symbol. One version of the “D” symbol likes babsence, while the various other variation of the same symbol looks gray or slightly faded. The distinction between the 2 resides has to execute through press notifications.

If you check out a faded “D” it implies that the recipient has actually received the push notice from the Kik Messenger app however has not review it (the notice, not the message itself). If the “D” is solid babsence then it means that the recipient has actually read the alert (so effectively, they have actually read your message yet not in the Kik Messenger app itself, however just in the notification). You will have to bear in mind that this only uses to iOS devices and the Windows Phone and not to Android cellphones or other devices.

Once the message has actually been watched by the recipient, the “D” symbol will certainly rotate into an “R” symbol. The “R” obviously stands for “read” and also it implies that your message has actually been opened and also read by the recipient. If among messages has an “R” symbol right next to it but it stays unanswered it have the right to only mean one of 2 things: either the recipient has been also busy to reply to your message, or they are plain and also easy choosing to neglect you.

“If you’re being ignored, that’s a great time to concentrate on finding yourself and also producing your very own mystery.”- Lykke Li


Other Kik Message Symbols

Letter signs are the ones we get even more questions about, sindicate because they are really common yet tbelow are other icons which deserve to perhaps be also more intriguing.

There are really only two Kik message symbols that are not letters: “!” and “…” It is vital to recognize what those two icons intend because they deserve to look slightly alarming on your display. Let’s just look at both of those signs individually in order to dispel any kind of issues that they may be.

The “…” symbol is not as major as the previous one however it still indicates that there is somepoint not quite working in the method it must. The “…” symbol should not be reason of alarm in itself bereason it just indicates that the Kik Messenger application is attempting to attach to the Net. As such, the “…” need to be temporary and should be extremely easily reinserted by the “S” symbol that, as we questioned in the previous section of this write-up, suggests that the message has been sent out. If the “…” symbol have to display screen for rather a while you might desire to examine your Internet connection adhering to the way we just went through when we were discussing the “!” symbol.

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So, the Kik message icons that you really have to understand about are the letter ones: “S”, “D”, and also “R”, and also two non-letter ones: “!” and also “…”. In our endure, knowing around these symbols both in regards to their meaning however also in regards to how to deal with them, just improves the experience of extransforming prompt messperiods on Kik and regulating users’ expectations. If you have actually any feedback or any questions around Kik message signs, please leave us a message in the comments section below.

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