It"s that sheet/blanket that they put on you so you do not obtain extended through hair. Is tright here a formal name for it?


I think you are reasoning of a barber"s cape. Sometimes you can also hear "barber"s gown". See this commercial website Salon Lines, for circumstances.

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Tbelow doesn"t appear to be a single consistent answer, as displayed below.

From a UK supplier, "cutting cape" or "cutting gown", as marketed here.

From a USA supplier, "hair cloth", "styling cloth" or "styling cape", as marketed here


My grandpa was a barber for 72 years, in Alabama and also Florida. He referred to as it a barber cloth (not the possessive barber"s). This term have the right to be found once ordering this product from Amazon.


I"ve been a barber for nearly 40 yrs. The proper term for this post is a "chair cloth" or much less generally "hair cloth." The term "barber cape" or simply "cape" did not come about till the unisex trfinish came to be well-known and the distinctions between barbering and cosmetology became blurred. In my shop it continues to be "chair towel."


I would certainly call that a cape:

A sleevemuch less outer garment fastened at the throat and also worn hanging over the shoulders.

I watch it being called a cape, both formally and informally, yet it"s really a bib. If you wear a cape backwards (so the slit is dvery own the back), it"s a bib. When kids are playing Supermale, they wear their bibs backwards to make them... a cape!

I think adults just do not desire to wear a bib, since that"s a baby thing. Unmuch less they"re eating Lobster.

According to the 1911 barber book by A.B. Moler the answer would certainly be chair towel, a hair fabric was a sexpedition of towel offered between the neck and the chair cloth as we now use sanek strips. You deserve to call anypoint whatever before you like but the 1911 book is the gold standard for barbering publications and is still greatly quoted in eexceptionally barbering text book that I have actually checked out. My barbering instructor simply passed away in nov of 2017 at the age of 91 via about 75 years under his belt and also it was a "chair cloth" to him.

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