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As a new electric technician, you are creating a huge solenoid to produce a uniform 0.1 T magnetic field close to the facility of the solenoid

As a new electrical technician, you are developing a huge solenoid to develop a unicreate 0.1 T magnetic area near the center of the solenoid. You have enough wire for 4000 circular turns. This solenoid must be 1.0 m long and also 3.0 cm in diameter. What existing will you must develop the essential field?





B = μI (N/L)

B = magnetic field toughness = 0.1T

μ = 4Π * 10⁻⁷ T.A/m

I = present passing through the solenoid = ?

N = variety of turns = 4000

L = size of the solenoid = 1m

I = B / μ (N/L)

I = 0.1 / <4Π*10⁻⁷ * (4000/1)>

I = 0.1 / 5.03*10⁻³

I = 19.89A



1.6 mA


Parameters given:

Magnetic area stamina, B = 0.1 T

Number of feasible turns, N = 4000

Length of solenoid, L = 1 m

Diameter of solenoid = 3 cm = 0.03 m

Radius of solenoid, r = 0.03/2 = 0.015 m

Magnetic area strength, B, is offered as:


wbelow I = current

Making current, I, subject of formula, we have actually that:

I = \fracBLNr" title="Rendered by QuickLaTeX.com" height="84" width="88" style="vertical-align: -6px;"/>



The existing needed to develop the magnetic field is 1.6 mA

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