It’s 3rd and also five, through less than two minutes left in the game. The Minnesota Vimajesties have actually the round at their very own twenty-one yard line, down by 2, with no time-outs. Brett Favre rolls out to his right and throws to his tight end, Visanthe Shiancoe. But one of the New York Jets safeties, Dwight Lowery, has been watching the play unfold. He breaks toward the round, intercepts it, and dashes twenty-6 yards into the finish zone. Touchdown!

And likewise, possibly, a mistake? Tbelow are a couple of situations in football wbelow scoring a simple touchdown is the wrong thing to execute. Might this have been among them?

As it occurred, Jets fans had actually nothing to issue around. Nick Folk kicked the added allude, placing the Jets ahead by nine. After a modest kickoff rerotate, the Vimonarchs acquired the round at their own twenty-3 yard line through a minute and also a fifty percent left; after a pair of completed passes and also a smattering of incomplete ones, the game was over.

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But if Folk had actually missed the extra allude, then the Jets would certainly have been ahead by just eight points, and also the Vimonarchs would certainly have actually been able to tie the game with a touchdvery own drive and a two-suggest convariation. (Unlikely, but absolutely not impossible.) If the Vimajesties had scored a quick touchdown—on the kickoff rerevolve, say, or on a bomb to Randy Moss—then they would certainly have actually been able to attempt an onside kick, offering them a little yet genuine chance of gaining the ball earlier. And, of course, if Lowery had fumbled during his interception rerevolve, then Favre and also the Vimajesties offense would certainly have got the round ago automatically, still down by just two.

On the other hand also, if Lowery had actually forsworn the end zone and also dropped to one knee as soon as he caught Favre’s pass, the game would certainly have been over: the Jets could have actually run out the clock via 3 pro-forma breaks.

Within minutes, Jets fans were debating Lowery’s touchdown at, in a chat thcheck out dubbed, “Dwight Lowery—TAKE A KNEE!” One argued that the danger of fumbling was low—”tbelow were no Viqueens in the area.” (But then, aren’t fumbles regularly caused by the player you don’t see?) Another shelp, “Dude, you’re suggesting scenarios that have actually much less than a 1% opportunity of happening.” (It’s true that Folk had never before, in a hundred and forty-three attempts, missed an added point. But what around a botched snap?) Tright here was a sentipsychological argument: “Let the son have actually his moment.” And, even more convincing, a financial one: “Gotta cover the Jets spcheck out I bet on!!!” (Many type of oddsdevices had actually the Jets favored by four.) But just how execute you calculate the odds of a Jets defender obtaining injured on a Viemperors drive that never before would have actually happened if Lowery had refused to score? The debate was still roiling the following day, and also one commentator claimed to have the latest update, directly from Rex Ryan, the Jets head coach: “rex just shelp ‘no biggie’ (paraphrasing). he said, once you go up 2 scores, it’s over. edit: he also sassist you guys are nerds.” It’s most likely difficult to challenge the initially component without confirming the second part.


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