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Matching shoes, a clutch, and also jewelry to your prom dress might be your primary emphasis, however don't foracquire about your prom nails! The shade you wear on your fingernails deserve to add a lot to your as a whole look, but choosing the ideal one for your outfit's color plan can be tricky. So, to figure out how to enhance nail polish to a dress, we dubbed upon celebrity nail artists. They've assisted us come via 29 stunning shade combos for every color dress. Read on to obtain some major prom nail inspiration!

Nails for a Black Dress


With babsence, you deserve to basically go in any direction. Celebrity manicurist Beth Fricke says going bold: "With a black dress, wear intense flashes of color to accessorize!"





With a white dress, go for a timeless baby pink ... or go in a totally various direction and also think outside the box. According to Julie KandalecTK, the founder of Masterclass Nail Academy, wearing white is a great opportunity to choose a fun cdental or bappropriate aqua for your prom nails.

Portrait of two cool slim graceful adorable imposing attrenergetic cheerful people friends rejoicing flying decorative facets glitter having actually fun isolated over bbest vivid shine red backgroundDeagreez
“Matchy-matchy is actually OK here. With red, more than other colors, it’s really necessary to nail the right undertone. A red dress via an orange-y hue demands a warm undertone nail shade. Similarly, if you have a red dress with a cool, blue undertone, the nail shade should mimic it. Pink additionally looks so chic with red—it’s my favorite shade combicountry best now,” said celebrity manicurist Tracylee Percival.

Cranberry is an additional among fall's quintnecessary nail colors (and additionally comes in handy in winter). 
We can't limit ourselves to just one red, can we? On the other side of the spectrum, you've gained this bold and also bideal red nail color. 
Try somepoint fun and also distinct favor a fresh blue or mint green that collaborates with jewelry or matches eye makeup to modernize the look," states Beth. You can also opt for bappropriate, fresh white (and also perhaps add a some glitter over the white).

Unrecognizable female in a floral dress. Focus on red belt tied in a bow.SrdjanPav"If you are planning a fldental dress, then you don't want to be to 'cute-sy' in various other locations choose makeup and also nails. Offset the softness and also sweetness of a fldental dress through a dramatic, high-octane shade prefer a vampy blackish-burgundy. Or, attempt something fun and also off beat — probably something glittery," says Nonie Crème, the founder of Butter London.

Complement a gold metallic dress via a metallic gold shade (or gold glitter) for prom night. A warm, solid shade favor ovariety or red additionally looks good via gold.

Two young woguys in evening wear standing on a balconyPeopleImagesFor a silver metallic, pick a cool nail shade prefer gray, soft purple, or periwinkle blue. They're excellent compliments to silver, and absolutely perfect for prom.

ta-nya"Almost-black nail colors accent the richness of a jewel-toned dress. Look for polishes in similar jewel tones as the fabric in purple, blue, or emerald. Or, if you can’t uncover the best enhance, deep red nails look excellent via everything. And metallic gold or silver nails will certainly carry out the metal highlights in your dress," claims Tracylee.

Something about deep, wealthy colors just makes feeling for the loss. Try a deep cranberry shade; it’s a modern-day classical.
Burgundy is a fall favorite. What have the right to we say? It's timeless and chic! To produce a cranberry color all your very own, layer various lacquers together.
Tetra ImagesWondering exactly how to complement nail polish to a dress that's a neutral color? Look for beige and also cream nail colors. "If you're wearing a dark, neutral shade favor grey or navy, try a cream opaques. You can likewise layer sheer metallics with a dark crème for a cool influence," states celebrity manicurist Elle Gerstein.

Beautiful girl at the studio via balloonsCoffeeAndMilk"A white, shimmery look is a feminine method to enhance the soft tamong a pastel dress. Pink nails enhance all pastel dresses and also save the look young and fresh. It’s a great idea to pick something a shade deeper than the dress you’re wearing. If your dress is light blue, for example, wear a deeper blue with the same undertone on your nails," says Tracylee.

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