Synthesizing a wide range of current neuromental research, this groundbreaking book concentrates on the multiple pathmethods by which attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) creates. Joel T. Nigg marshals the best available understanding on what is actually going on in the symptomatic child"s brain and also why, tracing the intersecting causal influences of genetic, neural, and also eco-friendly determinants. In the procedure, the book confronts such enin the time of controversies as the validity of ADHD as a clinical construct. Specific suggestions are provided for researches that might even more refine the conceptualization of the disorder, with substantial potential benefits for therapy and also prevention.

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About the Author

Joel T. Nigg, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist and an energetic study scientist. He is Professor of Psychiatry, Behavidental Neuroscientific research, and Pediatrics at Oregon Health and also Science College. His research on the etiology of and also mechanisms affiliated in ADHD has been funded by the National Institutes of Health repetitively considering that 1997. Dr. Nigg is ideal well-known for his work characterizing the neuropsychological functions of ADHD; he is likewise a leading investigator of temperapsychological and personality qualities related to ADHD. He has publimelted over 90 peer reregarded scientific write-ups on ADHD and also associated topics, and has actually presented his occupational at countless nationwide and also global clinical meetings in the field of children"s mental wellness. Dr. Nigg additionally serves as a reviewer for grants for the National Institute of Mental Health, and is on the editorial boards of numerous significant clinical journals.

Praise For…

"Nigg"s book is a tour de pressure. Conceptually wealthy and clinically appropriate, it does not shrink from current controversies about ADHD, but instead synthesizes enormous amounts of pertinent, up-to-the-minute research study into a masterful entirety. This book is crucial reading for scientists, clinicians, and students; it is among those few quantities that can and also need to cross over between the classroom and the laboratory. Nigg is a wizard at finding and also making comprehensible the facility sets of concerns that render ADHD a timely and also provocative springboard for conversation of scientific models, causal components, and ramifications for therapy. There is nothing rather choose it in the area."--Stephen P. Hinshaw, PhD, College of The golden state, Berkeley"This is a fantastic review of the neuropsychology of ADHD. It will be a "must-read" text for students and also researchers."--Joseph Sergeant, PhD, Free University of Amsterdam"Few books directly resolve the reasons of ADHD in anything more than cursory information, and also fewer still are well grounded in contemporary clinical findings. Nigg"s much-required book fills this void beautifully. The book provides as finish a snapshot of the most likely reasons of ADHD as present scientific research permits, while rendering this incredibly technological and also facility literary works right into an easily understandable, no-nonfeeling develop. Scientists working on ADHD will certainly discover this book incredibly beneficial and also informative. Clinicians will uncover a state-of-the-art summation of the causes of ADHD and a structure for explaining associated worries and also controversies to patients and also families. Everyone have the right to learn something about ADHD from this thoughtfully crafted and also thoaround documented book."--Rusmarket A. Barkley, PhD, SUNY Upstate Medical University"A incredible resource. This clearly created, thorough volume breaks down the neuropsychology of ADHD for professionals and nonspecialists achoose. It cuts to the heart of controversies bordering etiology, assessment, and also treatment, and undoubtedly will certainly serve as an important teaching and study tool for years to come. Nigg broadens our perspective by addressing not just the neurobiology of attention and executive regulate, however also the interrelationships among emotion, inspiration, motor abilities, and also ADHD symptoms. He takes the necessary action of considering cognitive and also behavior deficits in ADHD in their developpsychological conmessage, shedding light on the disorder"s age-, gender-, and also subtype-related complexities."--E. Mark Mahone, PhD, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine"Over the last five years or so, our knowledge of ADHD has began to undergo a significant revision in the light of scientific evidence. Classical notions of ADHD as the outcome of a single, core, addressed dysattribute shared by all kids via the diagnosis are giving way to a brand-new paradigm that highlights causal heterogeneity and recognizes diverse symptom clusters. The effects of this readjust in reasoning are possibly prodiscovered for both scientific research and also practice. Nigg"s seminal message offers a academic and also comprehensive overview of this brand-new paradigm, supplying a fresh perspective on the science of ADHD that is essential reading for students, scholars and clinicians."--Edmund J. Sonuga-Barke, PhD, University of Southampton, UK"Nigg"s comprehensive message on ADHD pulls together the disparate and also complicated literatures of public health and wellness, neuropsychology, and genetics. He efficiently interweaves clinical scenarios, neuroscience, and indevelopment needed to respond to the pressing questions and involves dealing with family members, students, and clinicians. Students and also practitioners in psychology, neuropsychology, psychiaattempt, and pediatrics--anyone who functions very closely with kids or adults with ADHD--will certainly want to have actually this book on their shelves."--Marsha D. Rappley, MD, Michigan State University"With the publication of What Caprovides ADHD? the clinical field of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has actually got to a near pinnacle. With over a thousand also referrals, this is the a lot of detailed repertoire of research studies handling the cause of ADHD to show up in print for this reason far....Joel T. Nigg"s research study and also the publication of nearly 100 scientific documents has actually richly contributed to our knowledge of ADHD and has actually been a shining beacon of science commonly organized up in the confront of pseudoscience and also the outright nonfeeling that prevails when discussions of reason and also course of ADHD show up in the general media....What Caprovides ADHD? is one of the many important clinical volumes on this condition in the past two years. It is a must for the bookshelf of any severe scientist-practitioner who functions through this disorder."— Applied Neuropsychology"This is an extremely well researched message which provides much indevelopment based on current research. It is a great recommendation message for students and practitioners functioning in the areas of psychology and also one-of-a-kind education and learning."— Schooldays Magazine"A stellar update of the field....He offers a laudable integration of the presently recognized facts and also presents them in an information-filled volume that is crucial reading for anyone interested in the neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and neurochemistry of this disorder....Given the academic nature of this book and also the top quality of its preparation, its expense is very reasonable....Nigg is to be congratulated for a project incredibly well done."— Child and also Family Behavior Therapy"Dr. Nigg"s fantastic initiatives in this existing message press beyond the basic nature versus nurture question....Clinically, this message offers a riches of indevelopment that will certainly aid suppliers in expanding their perspective concerning the beginnings of ADHD beyond straightforward nature/nurture arguments. The message is unique in that each chapter offers not just a summation and conclusion, yet additionally identifies essential factors that will certainly affect the review and also treatment of people via ADHD....Indevelopment deserve to easily be integrated in discussion via parents and families. It likewise offers a strong basis allowing for conversation of neutral pathways and also terminology that is well grounded and also easily understandable....I very recommfinish What Caprovides ADHD? as it gives the most current and thorough testimonial and discussion of the topic to day. This text can easily be appreciated by researchers and also clinicians achoose and likewise have the right to be integrated into graduate level courses. It a lot of absolutely exoften tends and broadens our knowledge of ADHD giving a solid "jumping-off point" for future research study and also refined clinical practice."— The Clinical Neuropsychologist"Candid yet informative....A refreshingly hocolony, brave, and also detailed see around this renowned disorder. Nigg thoroughly discusses the controversies of the ADHD etiology, diagnosis, assessment, and also treatment, as well as the medicalization of actions in a consumeristic culture in search of a rapid settle....Original and also abundant, through valuable clinical indevelopment to the practitioner, educator, and also the researcher. It fas10s together smoothly and also eloquently an substantial confluence of literature.

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This volume gives a substantial review of the neuropsychology of ADHD....Will administer the reader with an edifying reading noted by clarity, eloquence, and also intelligibility. It elucidays every facet of ADHD and provides a great recommendation book for students and also practitioners in psychology, neuropsychology, psychiaattempt, and also pediatrics, as well as anyone who works carefully via children or adults via ADHD."— PsycCRITIQUES