Though abstract, I am,If you agree,Anyone have the right to use me,Does someone know: Who is this so-called "me"?

It could be a little straightforward for some of you, however it"s a 100% original one.

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The answers have the right to be a little different, but as lengthy as the core answer continues to be the exact same, it"s excellent.

Some information for line 7/8 (Though abstract, I am, if you agree):

I am abstract, but I am used in the non-abstract place called "The Universe".

And via the last line (Who is this so-referred to as "me"?) I mean: What am I?

EXTRA INFORMATION (Required for a "good" answer)

I might be abstract, yet some theories say I am both abstract and also a type of waves.

HINT to rate up the process:

Look at
can-ned_food"s answer and also the comments attached for a hint!

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a tripartite discussion; or, Concern And Answer

Give me to someone, And I am closed,

Giving an Answer closes, or ends, its three–component conversation. Unmuch less this is a Jeopardy! episode or the prefer, the Answer is preceeded by

Wait for response, And open it goes.

A Question, which — unmuch less it is phrased rhetorically — awaits a response and for this reason opens the discussion in a figurative sense.

Words I have actually 3, And everyone knows me.

Inquiry And Answer This is quite obtusage, and that"s why I never wanted to prmarket this prior.

Though abstract, I am,

Such a Discussion, if it is done vocally, involves speech. Speech, as a word, refers to both an utterance of phonemes and also the interpretation attached to them.

Anyone can usage me,

Speech is the idea abstracted of energetic methods and not a countable or particular thing.

I may be abstract, but some theories say I am both abstract and a form of waves.

Sound waves.

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I submit a various answer here bereason this one, although similar (parallel?) to the train of my first, proceeds from a very various premise. Also, I"m really fond of the ‘vocal cords’ one; to be frank, I need to additionally note that Communication et al deserve to take place via media other than vocal speech.