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The brand-new iOS 14 was just released, the troubles always happen after brand-new iOS upday. AirDrop not working is just one of the difficulties."Why can not I send messages on WeChat? iPhone 12 in iOS 14."

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WeChat, the Chinese immediate messaging application, is heated in many nations.

However, for some factors, some individuals comsimple that they are unable to sfinish messeras or voice messeras on WeChat.

Here, we will define the factors for this problem, and gather 6 useful options to resolve this trouble in minutes.


WeChat Cannot Send Messages

Part 1. Why you cannot send messperiods on WeChat?

Tbelow are many kind of reasons that brought about you not to send messperiods on WeChat, and we have the right to conclude as below:

1.Poor Wi-Fi netjob-related or hotspot link on your computer or mobile phone. 2.The receiver you will certainly send the messages is not in your contact list. 3.The receiver you desire to send the messeras has blocked you. 4.WeChat accesses no permission to usage your microphone, and also then you will certainly not send voice messeras through WeChat. 5.WeChat cahce is complete and also there is no sufficient space on your phone. 6.System difficulties from WeChat app.

After discovering why you fail to sfinish messages on WeChat, you can conveniently resolve the problem with the adhering to solutions.

Part 2. 6 options to deal with WeChat not sending messages

Equipment 1. Check netoccupational connection

As stated over, WeChat is an digital app that calls for your netjob-related link. Poor netoccupational connection might bring about faitempt of sending messeras.

For fixing it, you just should inspect your netoccupational connection on your computer system or mobile phone.

1.Use various other digital apps to check out if your device has been linked with the network-related.

2.Cshed and also rebegin the router or disaffix and re-affix the wire cable to inspect the network on your computer; reset network settings on iPhone or Android phone to see if the netjob-related is normal.

Then just attempt aobtain to check out if you have the right to sfinish the messeras on WeChat aacquire.


Solution 2. Add the receiver right into your friend list

When you and also the receiver are in the exact same WeChat group, but he/she is not in your contact/frifinish list, you cannot sfinish him/her the message directly by the perchild. For fixing it, you have actually 2 options after signing right into WeChat (WeChat account lost? Recover it currently.) on your device:

1.Add the receiver into your contact/frifinish list by sending him/her the including frifinish repursuit.

2.Send the messeras in the WeChat team, and also
him/her, then the receiver additionally gain the notice to view your messeras.

Solution 3. Ask the receiver to unblock you

If the receiver has blocked you on WeChat, then you can find his/her in the call list, and also sfinish the messages, but the messperiods will certainly be rejected instantly.

For rerelocating this trouble, simply ask the receiver to unblock you, if you did it unintentionally.

On his/her mobile phone, open up the WeChat conversation through you > Hit the three-dot on the appropriate corner > Tap your call picture > Hit the three-dot on the ideal edge > Toggle off "Block" to unblock you.


Then you can try to send the messeras to him/her to watch if the difficulty has been fixed.

Embarrassedly, if the receiver intentionally blocked you or deleted you from you"re his/her contact list, then I think you must ask him/her by yourself.

How to check if the receiver blocked or deleted you on WeChat?

If you send the receiver the message, but Exclamation mark shows up before the messperiods and pops up that, "The message is effectively sent but rejected by the receiver", then you are blocked by him/her.

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If the message pops up that, "XX has actually allowed Friend Confirmation. to chat", then it reflects the receiver has deleted you.


Systems 4. Access microphone permission to sfinish voice messages

While you are utilizing WeChat to reap all full functions, you need to approve permission for utilizing.

While you send voice messeras to the receiver on WeChat, you should allow microphone permission.

On iPhone, go to "Settings" > Scroll down to discover WeChat and tap it > Toggle on "Microphone".

On Android, go to "Settings" > "Apps" > Select "WeChat" > "Permissions" > Turn on "Microphone".


Then try to sfinish your frifinish the voice messeras to watch if the difficulty has been addressed.

Equipment 5. Clear WeChat cache

When you usage WeChat on your mobile phone, it will immediately save cache and data. The cache and information will certainly take area on your phone. If WeChat takes a huge amount of storage, and also your phone storage is restricted or complete, it might cause sfinish WeChat messperiods unproperly.

Clearing WeChat cache is the solution.

Open WeChat application on your phone, tap "Me" section at the bottom right edge > "Settings" > "General" > "Storage" > "Clear WeChat Cache" and then it will take some time to clear WeChat cache on your mobile phone.

If the space on your phone are still restricted, just attempt to complimentary up area on iPhone and also Android.


Systems 6. Contact WeChat support

If namong the above solutions work-related, you deserve to try to call WeChat support team to ask for the details. Maybe the trouble is caused by the WeChat system or server, so you simply try to upday your indevelopment from WeChat support team or WeChat conversation forums.

Part 3. Tips of using WeChat to send messages

The over services are the general fixes to eliminate the trouble. Besides, you might try the following tips to deal with the problem.

1.When WeChat fail to work-related, like not sfinishing the messages or file, you deserve to departure the application and log in to it acquire to try.

2.Uninstalling WeChat and also re-installing WeChat will likewise be an additional one universal solution to resolve most widespread WeChat difficulties. Check below to uninstall apps.

3.Updating WeChat is an additional universal solution to fix many renowned WeChat worries you encountered.

4.Do not backup WeChat information prior to uninstalling or updating this app. If you shed WeChat data accidentally while solving it, usage FoneLab to assist you recoup the lost WeChat information on your iPhone.

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Here we mainly talk around the worry that WeChat cannot send messperiods. We gather the general reasons for this trouble, and also additionally carry out 6 solutions to deal with the trouble quickly. What"s more, we additionally display some global tips to settle WeChat difficulties.