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Blog post Respeak to is a concealed feature of WeChat which allows you to unsend, cancel or void a sent messages or papers in WeChat conversations within 2 minutes. The message respeak to or uncarry out function have the right to be extremely advantageous as soon as you have actually a typo in the message, sent out to the wrong person, sent out the wrong file, shelp somepoint wrong, and also perform not want the other perboy to obtain or view what you have sent out. For instance, you are mad at someone and also you said somepoint stupid, later you realized it was wrong so you decided to take it back, then you can recall the message in WeChat so he or she won’t see it. The feature likewise functions on photos, name cards or various other documents you sent out in chats. Note that this attribute is only easily accessible on WeChat 5.3.1 and also later.

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How to Recontact Messperiods in WeChat on iPhone and Android?

Long press the message or file you would choose to recall or take back in a WeChat chat window, you will certainly get the context menu with choices to manage the schosen WeChat message or file. Touch Respeak to, you will certainly get a prompt message saying, “you can respeak to the message you sfinish within 2 minutes (this feature is not sustained on WeChat of older versions)”, tap on the OK button, then the selected message, photo, video or various other file will be removed from WeChat on both the sender’s and recipient’s phone.


To recall messeras in WeChat on iPhone, you have to usage the tap the appropriate arrowhead to show more choices, then discover and also touch Recontact choice from tright here, after that the message will disshow up from both your chat screen and the recipient’s.

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Will the recipient know I have actually rereferred to as a message?

Yes. The recipient will get a system message in the chat home window via you, saying “xxxx has actually rereferred to as a message”.

The drawbacks of WeChat messages recall

The WeChat message recall feature doesn’t always work. If you have sent a text message, photo, video, call name card or other information 2 minutes ago, you can’t unsfinish or recall them.

The recipient might have actually currently opened up and also check out the message prior to you respeak to it and also you just perform not recognize as WeChat does not tell us whether a message has been review or not so much. Unfavor WhatsApp or various other instant messenger, WeChat advancement team think whether a message has actually been read or not is the privacy of the recipient. WeChat is an immediate messenger, if the recipient is additionally virtual your sent out messeras might be received and also review instantly, that’s also fast for you to pull ago messperiods in WeChat. So constantly double check your messperiods and the recipient before you hit the sfinish button as soon as you are around to sfinish necessary messages or chatting through essential person.

The rereferred to as WeChat message will disappear from both your chat screen and also the recipient’s screen. However before rereferred to as WeChat message message will not entirely disshow up. Recalled messages will certainly be deleted within the WeChat app, but it leaves traces in various other places, such as the notification facility on iPhone, and so on. You have the right to refer to this overview to review redubbed messperiods in WeChat on iPhone. They have the right to even be retrieved using data retrieval tools, inspect out these steps to recoup deleted WeChat messeras on iPhone.

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Last yet not least, when you rereferred to as a message in WeChat, the chat app will sfinish a Message Respeak to notification to the recipient instantly, when the recipients gets this alert they may become even more curious about the message and also want to automatically open up and also review what you don’t want them to read. As we have actually stated in previous paragraph, the redubbed messages in WeChat still leave traces on our phone and also might be retrieved.