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Messaging apps have actually always been a tool for us to communicate through one another. There was a time when we used to use the native messaging feature on phones to sfinish text messperiods to one one more, yet that is currently a thing of the previous.

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Some may view messaging as a energy, yet fundamentally, messaging is the many crucial reasons for owning a smartphone. This is why we have actually seen messaging apps such as LINE, WeChat, Viber, Telegram, BeeTalk and also more explode in popularity over the previous few years.

In October last year, LINE revealed that it had actually 170 million monthly active customers, out of over 560 million registered individuals. WeChat on the various other hand also, revealed that it had actually over 468.1 million energetic customers in the 3rd quarter of 2014.

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With the high variety of users on these messaging platdevelops, it’s evident that many kind of rotate to them not just as tools to connect via friends and also family, yet also to find various other customers via built-in attributes on these messaging apps. Within WeChat, for instance, there’s a nifty ‘People Nearby’ tab which permits you to browse and search for equivalent users close to you, and affix through them. This is the very same for BeeTalk, wbelow you have the right to find new friends in the vicinity and also chat them up.

While these functions are built in to encourage more user task, and to increase the social facets of the application, many kind of see them as new opportunities to look for extramarital affairs and intercourse. AsiaOne did a story on this a while ago, where they spoke to WeChat user George (an alias), 39, that declared to have actually provided WeChat to hook up via over 20 females in 6 months.

“I start via little speak previously than paying a lady compliments to make her really feel particular. I lead into the topic of intercourse by asking around her intercourse life and also from tbelow, the messages develop into extra flirtatious and also sex-related – generally, we could discover yourself sending raunchy photos or movies to one one more,” George told Asia One.

Repercussions? Definitely not for George, as his spousage has yet to discover his miscellaneous hunts on the chat app. In just a few clicks, George sassist, he is able to sign out of the app.

WeChat shake function connects you to someone randomly who is also utilizing the same feature

We Saw It With Our Own Eyes

So exactly how true is it that creepy men lurk around on WeChat every day, on the hunt for unsuspecting female users? To test this out for ourselves, we signed up for an account as a female on WeChat, and switched on the ‘Discover’ attribute, enabling other users to call us. For objectives of the experiment, we limited call to texting only, and no telephone calls or fulfill ups (for evident reasons).

And what we uncovered out was astonishing: within an hour of switching on the discovery attribute on WeChat, we received over 100 greeting messages from male customers close to us. We chatted via some of them, and over the subsequent days, a lot of of the male individuals made clear their intent to ask us (the ‘female’ user) out. One was also more straight and also went right for the kill, posting sex-related photos in wishes that we would certainly reciprocate. There were additionally others who shared their sex-related experiences with us.

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The greeting messeras we obtained within an hour.
Well that escalated quickly.

Interestingly, more than 80% of the male individuals whom we chatted with asked us the very same question: “Are you neighborhood Chinese?”, indicating a preference for regional Singaporean girls. We commonly said yes, complying with which, they would certainly ask about our occupations and also wbelow we lived. Tright here were also some who confessed their love for us, despite not having actually prior meet-ups at all.

Many of the interactions took place at night time, as the majority of of the male users were out earning their store throughout the day. The frequency of messeras and connection repursuits additionally went up at nighttime.

While this experiment on WeChat was taking location, we did the very same on an additional chat app called BeeTalk. We observed similar behaviours.

BeeTalk Chat

We ended this social experiment in simply 3 days, though we still acquire the occasional “Hey babe” from some persistent males.

Now that we’ve viewed just how this attribute really works for Singapore-based girls, should guys even try, since they can currently watch that they’re just one in hundreds of guys? It must be evident that it’s impossible to fight for attention, even for the despeprice.

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As for girls, it’s necessary to remember that as we begin to relocate in the direction of a digital way of life, via our digital footprints everywhere the Net, we must more than likely be even more cautious when we connect with strangers digital. You recognize what they say: better safe than sorry.

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