Posted by Anders on September 15, 2003In Reply to: We might be via with the past... posted by GPP on September 15, 2003: : : : : Help! In the movie Magnolia, tbelow is a line that states "And the book says, "We may be through through the past, however the past isn"t via via us."" Which book? Does anyone have any kind of idea where this expression can have come from? Please post or email me. Thanks!: : : : I checked a pair of quote books. No luck yet.: : : Me too. Google returns gobs of hits for the quote, however they"re all from the movie, or rip-offs from it.

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However before, one reviewer says:: : : "Putting posey lines favor "the book says, we may be via via the previous, however the previous isn"t with through us" repeatedly through the movie is a naked attempt to sound important and really offers nopoint to the movie (though some world choose it once an excellent movie announces that it"s a good movie. Less work-related for them)." This reviewer leaves the impression it was simply made up by the screenwriter/director/producer Paul Thomas Anderchild.: : : The quote itself is an noticeable ripoff from William Faulkner"s "The previous isn"t dead; it isn"t even previous.": : For whatever it might be worth,: : : offers the line as spoken by Jimmy Gator as: "The book says, we could be with through the previous, but the past ain"t via via us.":: Wow--speaking of misquotes:: "The previous is never dead; it"s not even previous.": - Gavin Stevens to Temple Drake Stevens, "Requiem for a Nun", Act I Scene iii:: You"d never before recognize either of these from counting Google hits.: (Of course the Anderson "Magnolia" statement implies somepoint a tiny different from Faulkner"s.)Believing that "The Book" would certainly have to be the Holy bible, I discovered numerous resources on the net linking it to Exodus, e.g.:Early on, game-show hold Jimmy Gator (Philip Baker Hall) mutters, "And the book says: "We might be through through the past, but the previous ain"t through with us."" That phrase--the initially borrowing from Exodus--is echoed three times, and also is the driving pressure behind "Magnolia."BestAndersWright here in Exodus? GPP 15/September/03Wbelow in Exodus? Anders 16/September/03Where in Exodus? masakim 15/September/03Ezoicreport this ad