We found a problem with some content in xlsx

Summary:The blog outlines some quick tips to deal with ‘We discovered a problem with some content’ error in Microsoft Excel 2013/2016. It describes hand-operated procedure to resolve the error and additionally argues an automated tool to perform the repair process to retrieve all feasible data from a corrupt workbook.

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Fast Fix: Try Stellar Repair for Excel software application to resolve all common Excel file corruption errors and also reclaim the file information to its original, undamaged state. The software supports all MS Excel versions: 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 & 2000.


Sometimes, when opening MS Excel file, you may get an error message that reads:

“We found a trouble with some content in ‘filename.xlsx’. Do you desire us to attempt to recover as a lot as we can? If you trust the source of this workbook, click Yes.


Figure 1 – Excel ‘uncovered a difficulty with some content’ Error Message

What Caprovides ‘Excel Found Problem via Some Content’ Error?

Tbelow is no clear answer as to what results in Excel error – ‘We uncovered problem through some content in ’. However, based on some user experiences, it shows up that the error occurs as a result of corruption in an Excel workbook. It may revolve corrupt when:

You attempt opening the Excel file conserved on a network common drive.A string is added in a cell in Excel, instead of a numeric worth.Text values in formulas exceed 255 personalities.

How to Refix ‘Excel Found Problem through Some Content’ Error?

Follow these tips to deal with the Excel error:

IMPORTANT! Before you follow the tips to deal with the Excel error, keep these points in mind: Make certain you have closed all of the opened up Excel workbooks. Try restoring Excel file data from the most recent backup copy. If you don’t have a backup copy, make a copy of the corrupt Excel file and also perdevelop repair and also recovery procedure on that backup copy.

Tip #1: Repair Corrupt Excel File

Documents Recovery mode is a aboriginal Excel recoextremely energy that instantly opens whenever before any inconsistencies are discovered in the worksheet. If Microsoft doesn’t detect any concern or fails to open the Data Recoincredibly mode, you have the right to start it manually to recover the corrupt Excel file. To execute so, follow the procedures below:

Click on theFilemenu, and also then selectOpen.In theOpendialog box, navigate to the folder location where the corrupt Excel file is conserved.Select the corrupt file, and then click on arrow sign easily accessible next toOpenswitch to selectOpen and also Repairalternative.

Figure 2 – Open and Repair Feature in Excel

Next off, clickRepair to recoup maximum feasible data.If the repair is not able to recover the information from the workbook, selectExtract Datato extract all possible formulas and worths from the workbook.

If repairing the corrupt Excel file doesn’t occupational, you have the right to attempt an Excel file repair tool to fix corruption errors. You deserve to additionally attempt to recuperate information from the corrupt file manually by adhering to the following tips.

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Tip #2: Set Calculation Option to Manual

To make the file easily accessible, try setting the calculation choice in Excel from automatic to manual. As an outcome, the workbook will not be recalculated and may open in Excel. For this, perdevelop the following:

Click File,and then click New.UnderNew, click theBlank workbookoption.When a empty workbook opens, click File>Options.UnderFormulascategory, pickManualinCalculationoptions area, and then click OK.

Figure 3 – Select Manual in Calculation options

Now, again click on theFilemenu and also then clickOpen.Navigate to the corrupt workbook, and double-click it.

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When the workbook opens up, check if it consists of all the data. If not, proceed to the next reminder.

Tip #3: Copy Excel Workbook Contents to a New Workbook

Several individuals have actually reported that they were able to resolve ‘We discovered a problem through some content in ’ error message by copying contents from the corrupt workbook to a separate workbook. Detailed procedures are as follows:

Open the Excel workbook in ‘read-only’mode, and copy all its contents.Create a blank brand-new workbook and paste the replicated contents from the corrupt file to the brand-new file.

Tip #4: Use External References to Link to the Damaged Workbook

Use external references to link to the corrupted workbook. By implementing this fix, information contents have the right to be retrieved. However before, it is not feasible to recoup formulas or calculated worths making use of this solution.

Follow the measures below:

In Excel 2013/2016, click File>Open.Navigate to thefolderwright here the corrupt file issaved.Right click the file, choose Copy, and also then click onCancel.Aget, click onFileand also thenNew.UnderNewalternative, click onBlank workbook.In thecell A1of brand-new workbook, type=Data Name!A1(wbelow File Name indicates the name of the damaged workbook being copied in Tip 3).IfUpday Valuesdialog box shows up, click the corrupt workbook, and also chooseOK.IfSelect Sheetdialog box shows up, click the appropriate sheet, and also then clickOK.Select cellA1.Next, click Home,and also then click Copy(or, push Ctrl +C).Starting incell A1, choose location approximately the exact same dimension as that of the cell variety that includes information in the damaged workbook.Next off, click Homeand selectPaste(or click Ctrl + V).Keep the variety of cells schosen, clickHomeand also thenCopy.Finally, click onHome, click on the arrowhead linked withPasteand underPaste Valuesclick onValues.

This will certainly remove the connect to the corrupt workbook and will certainly retrieve data. But, store in mind, the reextended data will no longer contain formulas or calculated values.

Alteraboriginal Systems – Stellar Repair for Excel

If the above manual methods fail to deal with the ‘we found trouble via some content in excel error’, try using the Stellar Repair for Excelsoftware program to solve this error. The software program helps repair and also recuperate corrupt Excel files in simply a few clicks. It have the right to be used on a Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP/NT machine to repair corrupted workbook, and recover eextremely single little of information from all the versions of Excel workbook.


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In this blog, we questioned some possible reasons behind Microsoft Excel 2013/2016 ‘We discovered a difficulty through some content’ error. The error may occur when an Excel file becomes corrupt.

You might attempt repairing the corrupted Excel file manually by making use of the built-in ‘Open and Repair’ feature. Or, try the hands-on workarounds to extract information from the corrupt file discussed in this post.

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If the hand-operated remedies don’t work-related for you, making use of Stellar Repair for Excel software can come in handy in repairing the corrupt Excel (.xls/.xlsx) file and recuperate the finish file data. You have the right to downfill the free trial version of the software program to preview the recoverable Excel data before deciding to activate the licensed variation of the software.

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