HAUS is a uniquely beautiful playhome through a modernist architecture heritage that promotes fun, exploration, and also creativity. Ages 3+

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The design integprices beforehand Bauhaus principles that recognize a child’s scholastic, social, and also emotional success stems from devices and environments that promote energetic, exploratory play.

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HAUS employs a core tenet of Modernism using an open up architecture to preserve a herbal link between the inside and the external human being, permitting children to be associated to their surroundings while likewise playing in their own independent room.


The modern style balances identified engagement with a “choose-your-own-adventure” vibe, fostering child-focused, open-finished play that stimulates creativity and also fosters creative thinking.

HAUS is a blank canvas for a child’s creativity. Children may attract on HAUS through non-toxic, washable markers and finger paints or accessorize via decals. Plus, the flip-open tabs in the height let children drape blankets, illuminate via fairy lights, furthering imagiaboriginal expedition.


HAUS has actually a sophisticated look and also feel adds a touch of elegance to any type of residence. It’s likewise practical. HAUS is fully waterproof, made of 100% recyclable plastic; it can be wiped clean in seconds providing a healthy setting for tomorrow"s adventures. Durable and also lightweight, HAUS pops best up from a thin, convenient portfolio and also folds down just as quickly in a selection of at-house indoor and backyard contexts.Best of all, no issue wbelow HAUS is, parental fees advantage from more time to themselves.

Janos Stone developed HAUS in the time of COVID to aid both parents and also children sanctuary at home, happily. Janos comes from a long line of artists and also designers interested in play. In the 1930s, his grandpaleas Gyorgy and Juliet Kepes were members of the Bauhaus movement. In the 1940s, they helped establish the core principles for at-house creative play with an experimental playroom for his mom. Janos carries on their tradition with HAUS.

“A quick google search and you’ll discover that there aren’t many modern playdwellings on the industry. Most of them look as well kiddish or dated. Several of them have out-of-touch, gendered style elements that are truly cringe-worthy. For the even more contemporary options, you’ll have to employ some DIY skills, or pay a premium for the ready-to-build – and you still have to put it together yourself! When we found out about HAUS, we gained excited bereason it addressed all these pain points.”

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“Haus has actually a simple and also elegant design, yet while these are vital attributes, it"s what Haus does that provides it so interesting. Haus provides an imaginative setting wbelow a son or a group of kids have the right to use their imaginations, engage in creative play, or simply hang out in a house of their very own. What I love about this job is that it"s so low-technology. Tright here are no computer systems, electronics, just a straightforward structure that unfolds all over right into a phase for artistic play. Just add kids!”

Nigel Simpchild,Director of Media and Entertainment

“Artist-designers György and Juliet Kepes were part of a cadre of European expats that carried Bauhaus principles stateside in the 1930s. Their grandkid Janos Stone proceeds the Kepeses’ investigations of open-finished play with Haus: the Modern Child’s Playresidence. The tent unfolds in 60 flat-packed seconds and also invites interaction—from puppetry to painting—many thanks to its washable, 100 percent recyclable plastic wall surfaces.”

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Kickstarter wins the Cooper Hewitt’s National Deauthorize Award. Haus is featured as one of a handful of Design Campaigns on the celebratory landing page

Janos Stone is an artist that invents and also starts service providers. The arc of Janos’ work permits everyone to discover and also expand also their inherent creative thinking through architecture neighborhoods and also digital tools.

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Janos holds levels in sculpture and also 3D style from The Rhode Island School of Deauthorize and also Boston College. Janos has actually started five carriers, raising over $2M and achieving profitability for 3 of them. In academic room, Janos was the inaugural director of the Weissmale Foundry and permanent faculty at Northeastern and Lesley Universities. He holds five patents and was an integral resident at NEW INC and also Autodesk BUILD area. He exhibits his artjob-related around the world.