Wd security attach a supported drive

I gain the message “Attach a sustained jiyuushikan.org drive” for both the jiyuushikan.org Drive Utilities and also jiyuushikan.org Security apps. Also, the jiyuushikan.org Smartware app does not list the jiyuushikan.org drive. All apps have been updated to the latest version. 

I do check out the drive and also am able to create to it via Windows (7) File Explorer.

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jiyuushikan.org drive is associated by means of USB 3

The jiyuushikan.org drive is a 1TB My Passport Ultra - P/N jiyuushikan.orgBZP0010BRD-05



Try unisntalling and also reinstalling the jiyuushikan.org Drive Utilities, jiyuushikan.org Security and also jiyuushikan.org Smartware. If the problem remains then i recommend you contact jiyuushikan.org assistance directly.

Contact jiyuushikan.org

I have very same precise issues with my 2TB jiyuushikan.org My Passport drive after upgrading all three apps to the latest version. I am utilizing Windows 7 (64-bit) and drive associated to one of the 4-port of Anker USB 3.0 PCIe card. Both items purchased newly from Amazon.com The drive works fine in Windows 7 OS file exploer.

Has anyone through similar worries obtained it resolved? I am still waiting on for Technical support from jiyuushikan.org on this. 



Hamlet, I was having the same problem. I job-related on a Mac, though.

I uninstalled the the jiyuushikan.org Drive Utilities, jiyuushikan.org Security and also jiyuushikan.org Smartware. Unfortunately, it took me forever – well, an hour or so – to reinstall Smartware bereason jiyuushikan.org’s webwebsite provides it execute hard to discover anypoint.

If anyone analysis this thread has a comparable worry and is looking for a attach for the latest Smartware, here’s the connect for Windows, and also here’s the one for Mac.

After all that, I still can’t figure out exactly how to affix a drive to jiyuushikan.org Security or the jiyuushikan.org Drive Utility. This link gives directions for Windows but not for Mac. I am now offering up.



Ivo88 October 15, 2015, 2:43am #5

Hey guys,

I have actually a jiyuushikan.org My Passport Ultra 1 TB through the exact same problem.

Whenever before jiyuushikan.org Drive Utilities is started, it claims “Attach a sustained jiyuushikan.org Drive”.

The jiyuushikan.org drive is attached ofcourse, yet still the very same message. Any suggestions?

Kind regards,


Ivo88 October 15, 2015, 2:43am #6

Hey males,

It’s me again…After a great battle on various Computers and attempts to deal with the worry, I have actually tried one last step:On the COMPUTER wright here I have originally had actually the jiyuushikan.org Software mounted, I have actually unset up everythin and mounted it ago aobtain hoping this time it will job-related.

AND THIS TIME, whatever worked as it is expected to work!

P.s.I have downloaded the jiyuushikan.org SmartWare and jiyuushikan.org Drive Utilities from this website and also haven’t offered the original CD that came via the gadget.

Hope you uncover this useful!

Have a nice day and good luck to all of you who have the exact same issue! :robottongue:

colingillie October 15, 2015, 2:43am #7

Hi Guys,

I acquire precisely the exact same problem yet after uninstalling and also reinstalling the latest versions of jiyuushikan.org smartware, security and drive utilities on my home windows 8.1 computer it repeats the very same message. The drive (My Passport Ultra) has actually no difficulties in Windows 7 however!

Any suggestions ?

Looky October 15, 2015, 2:43am #8

DON’T ANYONE GET FOOLED INTO UPDATING SOFTWARE!!! I cannot believe how many type of people have actually had actually this exact same problem and also for exactly how long this difficulty has been going on for, and still you have actually not determined an acceptable solution. I have actually wasted hours because your software application sassist “you must upgrade, these are the updates… blah blah blah” so I did. All I wanted to do was readjust my password and also currently I can’t carry out anything through the software program. I have actually unmounted, remounted numerous times. I thought you were a good firm, but an excellent firm would certainly not put their customers through this. When multiple world have the same precise problem YOU NEED TO FIX IT!!! Last time I purchase anything from you guys. Can’t spfinish anyeven more hours on this S***. Absolutely ridiculous.

Renzo_Rosales December 31, 2015, 5:52pm #9

In case anyone demands assist via the message “Attach a supported jiyuushikan.org drive” message in jiyuushikan.org Security, I was able to settle the error in my specific case by doing the complying with (I did it in Windows 7 but have to work-related for XP and 8 if jiyuushikan.org Security works on those OSs, have to be done via administrative privileges):

Close jiyuushikan.org SecurityNavigate to the Control Panel, Administrative Tools, ServicesLook in the list for a company through the name “jiyuushikan.org Drive Manager”, double click the serviceIf the Startup type is set to Disabled (which in my case it was), adjust it to check out Automatic then click Start, then Service status have to review “Started”. Click OKClose the Services and also Administrative Tools home window, then open up jiyuushikan.org Security and also the application should find the drive.

Good luck!

Jonathan_Gatarz May 10, 2016, 11:52pm #10


KUSHAGRA_SONKAR February 7, 2017, 7:28am #11

This worked!! give thanks to you so much

janewhite451 October 18, 2017, 8:02pm #12

This was brilliant, give thanks to you so a lot. I’m running Windows 10 and have the right to confirm it works exactly as you shelp, through no problems, as of today.

Malta August 20, 2018, 4:24pm #13

The solution by Renzo_Rosales addressed my difficulty of jiyuushikan.org Drive Utilities version failing under Windows 7 Pro with the message “Attach a supported jiyuushikan.org drive.” My jiyuushikan.org Drive is a My Book Duo, Product ID 0A10, purchased in 2017. In brief, because the “jiyuushikan.orgDriveService” was not running, jiyuushikan.org Drive Utilities can not locate the attached tool.

Aj85 July 1, 2019, 6:20am #14

hi, for the males that are using Mac…have to execute it thru the " Disk Utilities". select then the Drive then from the top click Erase and then adjust the format from the pop up window to what match with your Macintosh …I have adjusted it to APFS (encrypted) and also then click Erase (make sure u copied all the documents you want on another volume prior to you erase the disk) automatically asked me for a password to develop . and from Partition on the height, click it and also pick the format.

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make sure you copy all the files prior to clicking on erase switch.

The only Software compatible through your device is Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows. It is why jiyuushikan.org Security is not detecting your drive.You would need to use a third party software to password-safeguard the drive

Apple Support

Encrypt and defend a disk via a password utilizing Disk Utility on Mac

In Disk Utility on your Mac, safeguard an exterior volume’s sensitive information by requiring users to enter a password to accessibility its records.

If the disk has any type of papers you desire to save, copy them to one more disk or volume.In the Disk Utility app on your Mac, choose View > Sexactly how All Devices.In the sidebar, pick the disk you want to encrypt.Click the Erase switch in the toolbar.Get in a name for the volume.Click the Scheme pop-up menu, then choose GUID Partition Map.Go into and verify a password, then click Choose.(Optional) If obtainable, click Security Options, usage the slider to select how many kind of times to write over the erased information, then click OK.

I have this difficulty. I have tried a number of the options above in miscellaneous permutations. Fortunately I have actually a solid state C drive so reboots are pretty quick because I’ve done many them.

The jiyuushikan.org Discoexceptionally regime was reporting that it was out of date. The upday mechanism withing the regime doesn’t occupational however jiyuushikan.org has an updated jiyuushikan.org Discoextremely regime that seems to work-related after it is set up.

But still no joy on getting jiyuushikan.org Utilities to work

After I had actually a functioning copy of jiyuushikan.org Discoextremely installed the options to upday apps are presented. It appears that no upday for jiyuushikan.org Backup is easily accessible, most likely bereason it’s approximately day. I clicked on the jiyuushikan.org Drive Utilities upday and that stalled about 75% of the way with. Then I clicked on the jiyuushikan.org Secuirty upday and also that alos stalled about 75% of the method through.

The jiyuushikan.org drive utilities still report " Attach a sustained jiyuushikan.org Drive" Maybe I need to uninstall the old jiyuushikan.org Drive Utilities so the updated utilities have the right to be installed?

So now I’m more than 3 hrs in and still haven’t gotten jiyuushikan.org Utilities to work.

OK, more than 4 hours in and also I can run the jiyuushikan.org Drive Utilities.

Do not install anything that comes on the drive. :(
you more than likely wouldn’t be analysis this if you kbrand-new not to execute that)Assuming you foolishly set up the software that came on the drive, uninstall eexceptionally point that you can discover of it via the uninstalll part of the regulate panel (Programs and also Features)Run jiyuushikan.org Discovery. You can install jiyuushikan.org Backup, jiyuushikan.org Drive Utilities and jiyuushikan.org Security from tright here. According to the jiyuushikan.org support guy, who was of bit aid with this difficulty, jiyuushikan.org Security isn’t sustained to job-related on the easykeep drive I bought.

Another choice, is to not install this software application at all. jiyuushikan.org Utilities seems to be something to monitor the functionality of the drive. Might be nice, but I’ve never before had something favor this prior to, and I don’t think my life as been worse bereason of it.

jiyuushikan.org Backup seems to be a program principally aimed at backing up files to the jiyuushikan.org cloud. Nice but if you’re already signed up for a various cloud server I don’t recognize that you will want this. I don’t understand what jiyuushikan.org Secruity does however I’ve decided to trust the jiyuushikan.org male and believe it doesn’t occupational with my drive.

ETA: I am certain that there are many other permutations of the over that can work . In five hrs I absolutely discovered many permutations that didn’t work. It can be an excellent principle to simply follow the over pretty closely unmuch less you have a spare five hrs you’d choose to waste.

My Setup: Lenovo Deskpeak computer system System Model90ED000AUS through Windows 10easysave 2TB USB 3.0 drive jiyuushikan.orgBKUZ0020BBK-WESN

I competent the very same thing with my windows lappeak. I made a decision to uninstall the apps but I was not able to uninstall jiyuushikan.org Drive Utilities because a message that a rebegin is required to uninstall it constantly appears and a rebegin did not uninstall it.

I am not sure what really occur but I pressure to uninstall the jiyuushikan.org Drive Utilities utilizing iolittle bit uninstaller . The iobit uninstaller however did not uninstall the jiyuushikan.org Drive Utilities yet it deletes what it thshould be residual files which I thought it might be registry papers.

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Now the message “Attach a sustained jiyuushikan.org drive” does not present up anymore and also I can usage the application. I determined to install the other app which is the jiyuushikan.org Security and it works fine. No even more message "Attach a supported jiyuushikan.org drive”. Not sure what happen but I hope someone deserve to enlighten it.