Kyle"s dad manages to save his identification as a troll an enigma while he takes his on-line abusage international.

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An entire city in Coloraexecute gets hacked. Gerald and also Cartman may shed every little thing when their finish background of internet activity becomes public.

Protestors equipped via tiki torches and also confederate flags take to the roads of South Park. Randy comes to grips through what it implies to be white in today"s culture.
When Tweek is caught in the middle of a petty dispute, it drives his relationship with Craig to the brink.
In a go back to develop, a forbidden love story between a white guy and also a Native Amerihave the right to guy unfolds. However, the boys" story exploits people"s misery for laughs. 4 ½ out of 5 stars. A-
Professor Chaos has found the perfect tool to spread lies and also misindevelopment around Coon and Friends. In trying to conserve their reputation, the boys come confront to challenge with Mark Zuckerberg.

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