Josh Baskin would execute anypoint to be significant to hang out through his crush at the carnival. He finds a Zoltar machine, and he wishes to be substantial. After Zoltar tells him, “his wish is granted”, Josh notices the machine is unplugged. He wakes up the next morning in an adult’s body yet he still has the same personality. With the help of his best friend, Billy, Josh learns exactly how to act like a grown up. But as he gets a girlfriend and a fun job, he doesn’t desire to be a child aacquire. Will Josh stay substantial or come to be a 13 year old boy again?

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Genre: Comedy,Drama,Family,Fantasy,Romance

Director: Penny Marshall

Actors: David Moscow, Elizabeth Perkins, Jared Rushton, John Heard, Jon Lovitz, Robert Loggia, Tom Hanks

Country: USA

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