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What does washing of water by the word expect in Ephesians 5:26?

As Christ provided himself for the church. Shouldn"t that waburned ameans our sins believing in Jesus and also Him crucified? So why the washing of water by the word. Ephesians 5:26

ESV - 26 That he could sanctify her, having cleansed her by the washing of water through the word.

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Daimian Hughie

JD Abshire

Psalm 119:11 "Thy word have actually I hid in mine heart, that I can not sin against thee."The husband has a obligation as the God ordained leader and priest, to read the Word to his wife and family members. Yes, the death, funeral and resurrection of Christ wamelted ameans all our sins. Yet as a believer before we still sin eincredibly day (at leastern I do). The verse you referenced is speaking of a vital consistent rejuvenation, a refreshing of the Word in our hearts that cleanses and also keeps us clean. January 19 2014 • 0 responses • Vote Up • Share • Report

Jose Evangelista

The context of the chapter is salvation with the "washing" of our sin by Christ"s blood sacrifice: the ultimate demonstration of His love for His church. Anvarious other explanation of this is symbolized in Christ"s washing of his disciples" feet (symbol of His love for His Church). Also in "baptism in water": "Except a guy be born of water and also of the Spirit, he cannot enter right into the kingdom of God" (John 3:5). The Kingdom of God is for Spirit Beings (as God, Jesus, and also the angels are Spirit Beings). We (the "Church of God") need to end up being Spirit Beings to enter it.The very act of water baptism (John 3:5) is a signature of a covenant: we promise to repent of our sin and God assures to resurrect us from the dead in the last day. Baptism is from the Greek word baptismos definition "immersion" or submersion in water, which symbolizes our grave, and also the coming up or emersion/ arising from this "watery grave" symbolizes our resurrection from the dead. For the "elects", resurrection implies to adjust from being mortal to immortal Spirit Beings -- thus "born of the Spirit" (bereason God is Spirit Being). So the water is used as a symbol of the procedure for which the elects should go via to be washed clean of their sins that is made feasible by the ultimate love of Jesus Christ via His blood sacrifice. October 21 2017 • 0 responses • Vote Up • Share • Report


I think the husband also is to stop the word of God over his wife therefore cleansing her by the washing of the word of God in eextremely circumstance. October 04 2018 • 0 responses • Vote Up • Share • Report

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