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Wallerian degeneration is an energetic procedure of retrograde degeneration of the distal finish of an axon that is an outcome of a nerve lesion. It occurs between 7 to 21 days after the lesion occurs. After the 2first day, acute nerve degeneration will show on the electromyograph.

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Within a nerve, each axon is surrounded by a layer of connective tconcern referred to as the endoneurium. The axons are bundled together right into groups called fascicles, and also each fascicle is wrapped in a layer of connective tissue referred to as the perineurium. Finally, the entire nerve is wrapped in a layer of connective tworry referred to as the epineurium.<1>

Mechanism of Injury

The pathological process of Wallerian degeneration is in 3 stages;

Axon Degeneration

Within around 30 minutes of injury, tbelow is a separation of the proximal and also distal ends of the nerve. After a short latency period, the transected membranes are sealed till degeneration which is noted by the formation of axonal sprouts. This occurs in less than a day and allows for nerve renervation and regeneration

Myelin Clearance

This occurs by the 7th day once macropheras are signaled by the Schwann cells to clean up axonal and also myelin debris.<2> Generally, the price of clearance is slower in the Central Nervous System(CNS) than in the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) because of the clearance rate of myelin. Anvarious other reason for the various rates is the readjust in permeability of the blood-tworry obstacle in the 2 systems. In PNS, the permeability boosts throughout the distal stump, however the barrier disruption in CNS is restricted to just the site of injury. Also in the CNS, oligodendrocytes inhilittle rejuvenation.

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If soma/ cell body is damaged, a neuron cannot regeneprice. However, if the injury is at the finish of the axon, at a growth of 1mm per day, the distal segment undergoes granular fragmentation over numerous days to weeks and cytoplasmic aspects start to accumulate.<3>


Clinical Presentation

Presentations of nerve damage might include:

Reduced or loss of feature in associated structures to damaged nervesGradual oncollection of numbness, prickling or tingling in feet or hands, which have the right to spreview upward into legs and also armsSharp, jabbing, throbbing, freezing, or burning painExtreme sensitivity to touchNeuromatous or causalgia pain

Diagnostic Procedures

ElectromyographyNerve conduction studiesMuscle strength/lossFunctional deficits

Outcome Measures

Depends on assorted criteria including pain and psychosocial abilities yet can include:

(see Outcome Measures Database)

Management / Interventions

See Nerve Injury Rehabilitation

Wallerian Degeneration deserve to instigate a nerve repair device. Managing nerve damages have the right to include the use of :Cryotherapy<6>, Exercise, Neurorehabilitation, and Surgery.