Fear TWD References Glenn's Death In Seaboy 7 Premiere Fear the Walking Dead"s season 7 premiere had actually a recommendation to Glenn"s death, which stays one of the a lot of tragic moments in The Walking Dead.

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Glenn in The Walking Dead and Strand in Fear the Walking Dead
Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Fear the Walking Dead seaboy 7, episode 1.

The Fear the Walking Dead seachild 7 premiere simply made a reference to Glenn’s fatality in The Walking Dead. Despite tbelow being only a small connection between Glenn (Stalso Yuen) and the personalities in Morgan’s group, the spinoff series did indeed function a nod to the moment where he was eliminated off in The Walking Dead. What taken place to Glenn in The Walking Dead season 7 premiere is remembered as among the a lot of tragic occasions to ever take area in its universe.

The Walking Dead followed up one shocking fatality via an additional in “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be” by giving Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Lucille not one, yet two victims. Due to the fact that of Daryl’s violent outburst, Glenn joined Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) in being eliminated, both of them bludgeoned to fatality by Negan’s bat. The controversial deaths of these 2 main characters collection the tone for the Savior storyline and also proceed to be essential also now, especially since Maggie (Lauren Cohan) is back. Maggie’s grudge versus Negan for killing Glenn has actually end up being one of seakid 11’s best stories.

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There was constantly an expectation that Glenn’s death would be a element in The Walking Dead seaboy 11, however it being recognized in the spinoff came as a little bit of a surpincrease. In Fear the Walking Dead season 7, episode 1, “The Beacon,” Will (Gus Halper) was unexpectedly killed off in a method that came off as a reference to Glenn’s untimely demise. He didn’t have his head baburned in by a basesphere bat, of course, however it was the distribution and the after-effects of it that felt prefer a homage to Glenn. Not unlike what Negan did, Strand unexpectedly eliminated Will in the midst of a monologue. And also though there was little doubt Victor Strand also had actually murdered Will, the scene provided viewers a close look at his last, agonizing moments as the zombies gnawed amethod at his body. The grotesque appearance of his challenge and also eyes and the twitching of his finger were both callbacks to how The Walking Dead delivered Glenn’s final scene.

Fear the Walking Dead Will Death
Fear the Walking Dead basically likening Will’s fatality in the seachild 7 premiere to Glenn’s carries the majority of interpretation for the show. In the original series, the brutality of it all and the show’s decision to get gruesome via a beloved character’s fatality offered a number of purposes, as it positioned Negan as the show’s the majority of dangerous villain yet, while simultaneously establishing up the emotional arcs of the personalities that experienced it, especially Maggie, Rick (Anattracted Lincoln), and also Daryl (Norguy Reedus). Fear the Walking Dead highlighting Will’s last breathes in a likewise horrific manner points towards what ramifications it may have for the personalities.

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Alicia didn’t watch Will die, yet just as Strand also said, it’s a moment that will certainly sucount finish the bond they share, and collection in activity a unstable path for Alicia. Due to the fact that she banimelted Will, it renders feeling that she’ll blame Strand also and also herself for his death. In enhancement to that, this tragic sequence and also the abruptness of Will’s murder completed Strand’s transformation into a villain, while also demonstrating simply exactly how cold-hearted he’s end up being since Fear the Walking Dead’s nuclear apocalypse started in the seakid 6 finale. This might be the first of many type of evil acts of committed by Strand also in seachild 7.