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That didn"t exactly work-related, though.

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"The contemporary oversaturated provides the trees look extremely green and also the zombies look incredibly beautiful and also "Wizard of Oz,"" he explains. "It"s so pretty, and you"re favor, "Wow, that"s kind of weird." Adding shade to zombies is not somepoint that you instantly gravitate to. So we went through the concept of just taking all the shade out instead of simply desaturating the flashearlier ... simply so you could easily follow the timeline."


Zombies are also more dewritten during seachild six of "The Walking Dead." Gene Page/AMC

The black and white sequences additionally assisted add another level of intrigue and mystery to the seakid 6 opener.

"The episode"s a puzzle and also what we"re doing is we"re offering you the last piece of the puzzle at the beginning and we love the idea that as the episode progresses, the audience is placing the pieces together,so by the time we acquire to the finish of the episode, it"s prefer, "Ohhhhh, now I gain what we"re looking at and also now I check out just how this is all functioning," Nicotero continued.

Nicotero states they were never before really interested in doingthe seachild six opener in a linear development.

"I think the discussion had come up once or twice about recutting it, yet I felt thatit would have taken ameans the majority of impact of the story to just tell it in a straight fashion," he defines. "I recognize both Scott and I were extremely marketed on simply keeping the story framework and also just finding a means to tell it visually that was appealing to the audience, and still acquired us through the story clearly."

"It really is a bold filmmaking storyinforming style, however somepoint that we all feel the showwarrants after 6 years," Nicoteroincluded. "We didn"t want to carry out something that we had done prior to so we took a large swing and it was incredibly exciting to have the ability to do that."

This isn"t the first time "The Walking Dead" has played through time in its episodes, and it won"t be the last.

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At San Diego Comic-Con, showrunner Scott Gimple revealed we"ll check out moreflashbacks in the first half of the seachild. Gimple also stated there"s an entire episode in the works that will certainly be a flashago.