Volume label syntax is incorrect windows 7

On a windows7 machine I was trying to collection the typical gateway following this example:

netsh.exe interface ipv4 set path "Internet" returned the complying with error:

The filename, catalog name, or volume label syntax is incorrectWhy is that the situation, and also just how can I deal with collection the traditional gatemethod for my connections?



You should use your genuine interface"s name rather of "Internet". You have the right to list them through netsh interchallenge show interchallenge.

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There"s some sort of an "underlying name" to the interface, put up on its 1st development, or once it"s manually adjusted. You deserve to obtain it using:

netsh interconfront ipv4 present configIt can be various from what you watch in the GUI window or from running netsh interconfront present interface

Try utilizing that interface name instead - this operated for me on home windows 7.


I just had actually a comparable exact same worry. The difficulty was the " character. I duplicated the netsh from a word record I got from our software application seller and pasted that directly right into the CMD and changed the needed components which failed through the error discussed here. However once I replicated the string at first to notepad and reinserted one from the " I discovered that they are different, so I reinserted both / re-typed both and also the problem is fixed currently.

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Apparently on Windows 7, you must usage a various syntax to execute the command also in the correct context. Prechallenge the conmessage specifiers interface ipv4 through a -c parameter and also quote the whole conmessage specifier. For instance, to set the adapter to DHCP:

netsh -c "interconfront ipv4" set deal with name="Local Area Connection" source=dhcp
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