Voicemail iphone 4s

I have actually an iphone 4S and I am unable to adjust my outgoing voicemail. Can someone help? I haven"t updated to the brand-new software yet.

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The software application upday shouldn"t issue. Are you on a sustained iPhone carrier that supports visual voicemail? If so, go to the voicemail tab and click on Greeting. That allows you to document your tradition greeting. If you execute not have visual voicemail, you need to inspect via the carrier, as voicemail is a carrier feature.

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if voicemail is open up via your carrier, tap on the voicemail symbol and let the choices run until you hear somepoint around your individual choices (4 for me) and i think it might be tbelow, then document your message

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The Voicemail symbol is accessed by tapping on the Phone app icon. From tright here, you need to check out a variety of selections on the bottom of the display screen, Favorites, Recents, Contacts, Keypad and Voicemail. When you go to Voicemail, you can access your voicemail messperiods, delete them and also in the peak left of the screen, you deserve to discover the area to accessibility your greeting, and the capability to usage a default or record or evaluation a practice greeting.

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I dont seem to have actually any type of options with my carrier, but I did regulate to record an outgoing "Greeting" message after cshedding out my phone app and relaunching it.

I got through to my VM recording, on iPhone7 and also readjusted message.

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I obtained the adhering to error code: The procedure couldn"t be completed (com.jiyuushikan.org-phone error 1035.)


I don"t recall seeing that error prior to. However, given that voicemail is a carrier feature, for it to job-related effectively, you have to be connected to cellular and cellular information. Are you connected to your cellular carrier and data? Otherwise, call your carrier to view what the difficulty is.

Thank you, Chris. I will certainly call my carrier aget. I simply invested 4.5 hours on the phone with them to obtain my phone programmed to make and also obtain calls.

I hope this takes much less time.

That is exciting. Are you utilizing a supported carrier for the iPhone? If so, it certainly have to not have actually taken 4.5 hours to obtain it functioning.

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Hey Chris,

Thanks for your assist. I contacted carrier and after another 40 minutes (even more or less) carrier technology was able to resolve.

Now I"m trying to understand why my email is disshowing up and also drifting into brand-new mailboxes. That i think is an IOS 11.0.01 quirk.

Checked email on my phone and also trying transforming certain settings. I expect if that stops working I will need to gain the IOS tutorial.