Vmware serial numbers

With time, all server components will fail. Thankcompletely, OVHcloud has actually you spanned. OVHcloud will replace any component that is not effectively functioning cost-free of charge.

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In the event of a corrupt storage drive, OVHcloud assistance requirements to recognize which disk to change. Fortunately, each storage drive has actually a unique serial number.

In the occasion of a dead storage drive, wright here it is not feasible to retrieve the serial number, OVHcloud assistance requirements all the serial numbers of the functioning drives.


OVHcloud Dedicated Server running Linux, ESXi 6.x, or Windows


Retrieving a Serial Number through Software RAID

For Dedicated Servers running Linux with storage that is set up utilizing software RAID, the following command can be jiyuushikan.orged to situate the serial number of all functioning drives:

$ lsblk -d -o name && lsblk -d -o serialThe output displays the name of the storage drive adhered to by their serial number:

NAMEsdbsdaSERIALK5H4XXXXK5H4XXYYSsuggest line up the gadget name with the serial number. In the over example, the tool name is sdb and its serial number is K5H4XXXX.

Retrieving a Serial Number via a Hardware RAID Controller

For Dedicated Servers running Linux with a hardware RAID controller, LSI MegaRhelp, the operating system does not regulate the storage drives. Instead, it will certainly label the array as a sdX, only seeing the range as a solitary storage volume. As an outcome, the complying with command have the right to be jiyuushikan.orged to locate the serial number for all functioning drives regulated by the hardware RAID controller:

$ sudo MegaCli -PDList -aAll | egrep "Slot Number|Device Id|Inquiry Data|Raw|Firmware state" | sed "s/Slot/ Slot/g"Slot Number: 0Device Id: 4Raw Size: 894.252 GB <0x6fc81ab0 Sectors>Firmware state: OnlineInquiry Data: S2TZNX0HC06828 SAMSUNG MZ7LM960HMJP-00005 GXT5104QSlot Number: 1Device Id: 5Raw Size: 894.252 GB <0x6fc81ab0 Sectors>Firmware state: OnlineInquiry Data: S2TZNX0J204728 SAMSUNG MZ7LM960HMJP-00005 GXT5204QSlot Number: 2Device Id: 6Raw Size: 894.252 GB <0x6fc81ab0 Sectors>Firmware state: OnlineInquiry Data: S2TZNX0J204733 SAMSUNG MZ7LM960HMJP-00005 GXT5204QThe serial number is detailed in the initially column to the appropriate of "Inquiry Data:" for each storage drive.

Retrieving a Serial Number via VMware ESXi 6.5

For Dedicated Servers with VMware ESXi 6.x installed, there are two techniques to situate the serial number. One technique consists of making jiyuushikan.orge of the CLI to accessibility your server and also making jiyuushikan.orge of the adhering to command also to list all storage devices recognized on the server:

This command will simplify the list to check out the storage gadget by their "Display Name" only:

$ esxcfg-scsidevs -l | egrep -i "display name"Display Name: Local ATA Disk (t10.ATA_____HGST_Hjiyuushikan.org726040ALA610____________________K4K0XXXX____________)Display Name: Local ATA Disk (t10.ATA_____HGST_Hjiyuushikan.org726040ALA610____________________K4K0ZXXX____________)Display Name: Local ATA Disk (t10.ATA_____HGST_Hjiyuushikan.org726040ALA610____________________K7G5VXXX____________)As you deserve to watch, the serial number is always listed at the finish of the "Display Name". The serial number will certainly differ based upon the manufacturer of the gadget.

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Additionally, tright here is a method to locate the serial number from within the vSpbelow Internet Client. Once you login to the "vSpright here Net Client", pick Storage under the Navigator Panel.


Immediately after picking "Storage", ESXi will certainly open up the tab "Datastores". In order to check out the serial number on your disks, select the Devices tab.


The serial number is situated at the finish, after the device"s version number.

Retrieving a Serial Number via Windows Server 2016

For Dedicated Servers via Windows Server set up, Windows PowerShell have the right to be supplied to view the serial number on your gadgets.

To open Windows PowerShell, click the magnifying glass icon on the bottom-left of the Windows hojiyuushikan.orge display. Type "powershell" into the search bar and select Windows PowerShell.

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In PowerCovering, enter the following command:

PS C:jiyuushikan.orgers oot Get-PhysicalDisk | Select-Object FriendlyName,SerialNumberHere is a sample output on a Dedicated Server with two HDD storage devices, but this will additionally work-related through NVMe storage devices:

FriendlyName SerialNumber------------ ------------HGST Hjiyuushikan.org726020ALA610 K5H3XXXXHGST Hjiyuushikan.org726020ALA610 K5H3XXYY


Once the serial number of the corrupt storage drive or the serial number of the functioning storage drive(s) are retrieved, a jiyujiyuushikan.orghikan.org request deserve to be opened to have the faulty storage drive replaced. For even more information on contacting OVHcloud, please watch the How to Contact OVHcloud jiyujiyuushikan.orghikan.org write-up.