Vmware options


The Options tab allows you adjust characteristics of the selected digital machine.

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Virtual Machine Name — Use this establishing to change the virtual machine name. Type a brand-new name in the area and click OK.

This field affects the digital machine name just as it appears in the console tab and also Favorites list. Changing the digital machine name below does not change the names of the digital machine files.

Virtual Machine Configuration Data (Windows only) — This read-only area displays the path to the file that consists of configuration indevelopment for the schosen digital machine.

Guest Operating System — Workstation optimizes the digital machine for the operating device you pick in this field.

Version — Use this field to change the establishing for the guest operating mechanism version in the online machine's configuration file. This establishing does not actually adjust the guest operating device itself.

When you set the guest operating device kind in the New Virtual Machine Wizard, Workterminal chooses configuration defaults based on the guest form you select. Changing the guest kind in this area ssuggest changes the guest form establishing in the configuration file.

The Version area is valuable once you are upgrading the guest operating system installed in the virtual machine, and you want to readjust the guest operating device version.

Working Directory — The functioning brochure is where Workterminal stores suspfinished state (.vmss), snapswarm (.vmsn) and also reexecute log papers. By default, this is the very same brochure the virtual machine documents are stored in.



Power options

Power on after opening this online machine — Select this option to power on the schosen digital machine instantly when Workstation launches. With this option selected, you perform not have actually an opportunity to readjust the online machine's configuration prior to it starts, considering that the virtual machine powers on instantly.
Go into complete display screen mode after powering on — Select this alternative to enter full display screen mode instantly after powering on the schosen virtual machine.
Cshed after powering off or suspending — Select this alternative to close the selected virtual machine immediately after you power it off or suspfinish it. Cshedding a online machine gets rid of the tab for that machine from the primary home window in quick switch mode.

Power Controls

Note: Setups in Power Controls apply just to the active digital machine.

Note: Not all guest operating units respond to a shut down signal from this button. If your operating mechanism does not respond to a shut down signal, shut dvery own from within the operating system, as you would through a physical machine.

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Note: Not all guest operating units respond to a restart signal from this switch. If your operating mechanism does not respond to a rebegin signal, restart from within the operating mechanism, as you would certainly with a physical machine.

Run jiyuushikan.org Tools Scripts — This alternative permits you to run scripts as soon as you power on a virtual machine. See Command Line Reference for aid through scripting.

Shared Folders


Shared Folders — This choice permits a virtual machine to share a folder through the host file device for convenient file transfers. See Using Shared Folders for help configuring this option.



General — You deserve to disable snapshots for the virtual machine. The digital machine must not have actually any type of snapshots if you want to disable snapshots.

To disable snapshots for this virtual machine, pick Disable snapshots.

When powering off — You deserve to specify the means Workterminal handles snapshots when you power off the virtual machine. Options as soon as powering off include:

Just power off — powers off without making any type of transforms to snapshots.
Revert to the snapshot — reverts to the parent snapshot of the virtual machine's current state (that is, the parent snapshot of the You Are Here position in the Snapshot Manager window) so the digital machine always starts in the state it was in when the parent snapswarm was taken.
Take a new snapshot — takes a brand-new snapswarm of the online machine state after it is powered off.
Ask me — constantly asks what you desire to perform through snapshots once you power off.

See Using Snapshots for more information on establishing these choices.

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Guest Isolation (Windows only)


Drag and Drop — By default, you have the right to drag and drop papers in between your host computer system and also a virtual machine. If you wish to disable this attribute, choose Disable drag and drop to and also from the virtual machine.

One reason to disable the drag and drop attribute is to proccasion documents from accidentally being transferred between the online machine and the organize.



Process priorities (Windows only) — jiyuushikan.org Workterminal sets the default priority for online machine handling as Normal for both Input got and Input ungot hold of. This indicates that the procedures within online makers complete equally for resources with all various other procedures running on the hold.

To adjust the default priority for the selected virtual machine, overriding the worldwide priorities, pick the priority you want, then click OK.

You deserve to also collection the worldwide priorities directly from a Workstation window by picking Edit > Preferences and clicking the Priority tab.

Run with debugging information — You deserve to run a digital machine so it collects added debugging indevelopment that is useful to jiyuushikan.org technical assistance in refixing concerns.

To rotate debugging mode on, select Run via debugging information, then click OK to apply your changes

Disable acceleration — In rare instances, you might uncover that when you install or run software program inside a online machine, Workstation shows up to hang. Normally, the trouble occurs beforehand in the program's execution. In many situations, you deserve to get past the problem by temporarily disabling acceleration in the virtual machine.

To disable acceleration, choose Disable acceleration, then click OK.

This setting slows dvery own digital machine performance, so it is recommfinished just for acquiring previous the trouble with running the regimen. After you pass the allude wbelow the regime was encountering difficulties, try returning to the virtual machine settings editor and also rerelocating the check beside Disable acceleration. You may then have the ability to run the program with acceleration.

Log online machine progress periodically — This unique configuration choice boosts logging information for debugging and troubleshooting functions. When you select this option, you perform not need to edit a configuration file or rebegin the online machine to extract even more thorough logging for technological assistance.