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I am running Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3, and I have actually mounted VMware to run online machines: Windows 7 and Ubuntu 11.10.

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I have actually also mounted VM Tools.

I would favor to know if it is feasible allow copy paste among the 3 systems? It seems that, by default (just by mouse) it is not permitted.

Edit1: I am using VMware Fusion 4.1.2, and the Settings for both Windows and also Ubuntu is as follows:


Edit2: I simply realize that the copy paste (both two directions) in between Mac and Windows occupational by default. But the copy paste between Mac and also Ubuntu or Ubuntu and also Windows does not job-related...

By the way, I simply desire to copy texts...

Edit3: I simply shut down the 2 digital devices, and rebooted them, and also copying and pasting texts among them functions fine... It is really odd... So I guess I had done something on my Ubuntu, which disabled copying and pasting, then rebooting Ubuntu recollection it...

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Yes Copy and paste is sustained, however it counts on what you are doing. If you are trying to copy and paste documents utilizing a best click and also copy command in the Finder, and also then trying to ideal click and paste in a Windows VM for example that will certainly not occupational since VMware does not assistance copying records that way. When relocating files between VMs Drag and drop is the feature to use (where sustained through VMWare tools, etc)in order to relocate documents from the host computer system to each guest VM and also the oppowebsite is true also.

Now if you desire to copy message utilizing the clipboard, that works in between the organize and also each sustained online machine via the devices mounted as listed in Moving and Copying Files and also Text Between Virtual Machines and Your Mac

You deserve to drag documents and folders to relocate and also copy them in between your online makers and also your Mac. You have the right to relocate message by copying and pasting or cutting and also pasting.You have the right to also drag imeras in between Windows applications and also Mac applications. You can drag Outlook attachments from a Windows online machine to your Mac. You have the right to drag papers in a online machine directly onto Mac applications.You deserve to copy and paste images and formatted message between a Windows or Linux digital machine and your Mac.

For example select text in a Mac OS X application and also copy it to clipboard (Command-C). Then go into a windows VM and put your cursor in a text area and also then percreate a control-v you have to obtain what you initially copied on your Mac organize.

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According to various other documentation for VMware Workstation

The copy and also paste attribute has actually the following restrictions:

• Copying and also pasting email attachments is minimal to imeras or documents smaller than 4MB.

•Copying and also pasting simple message and also formatted message (including the formatting) is minimal to quantities less than 4MB.

•Copying and also pasting message is minimal to text in languages that can be represented by Unicode characters.

•Workterminal provides the PNG format to encode images that are copied and also pasted. Copying and pasting imperiods is minimal to imeras smaller than 4MB after convariation to PNG format.

•You cannot copy and also paste files in between virtual makers.

•On Windows 95 and Windows 98 guests, copying and pasting is minimal to plain message in quantities much less than 64KB.

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The Vmware Fusion for Mac Documentation falls short to mention any restrictions on copy paste size limits, and so on but it is very same to assume the limitations are probably transferable to the Mac version of VMware too.