Vmware drag and drop not working

I"ve setup a CentOS 7 VM on my Windows 7 laptop. In the VM settings I have both boxes checked for "Enable drag and also drop" and "Enable copy and paste" and yet I"m still not able to move over even a small test file or copy from the hold right into the VM.

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Is tright here anything else I must do?



My VMware host is a Windows 7 machine, and also I"m running Workterminal 10.

This has operated for me on numerous VMs wright here I had actually the same trouble, consisting of my Windows 10 VM:

Completely shut down the VM on which you want to adjust the settings, cshed all other VMs that you have open up, and also exit out of VMware.Start VMware by clicking "Run as Administrator".Before beginning the VM, disable both "Enable drag and drop" and "Enable copy and paste" in the VM"s "Guest Isolation" setting on the Options tab.Exit from the settings GUI.Do action 3 aobtain yet enable them rather.Start the VM. This need to allow the copy and also paste to occupational.

Sometimes I"ve had actually to follow these measures a couple of times prior to it would certainly work, but this eventually resolved the trouble each time I tried it.

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I noticed tbelow is an incompatibility through Wayland also as soon as Copy-Paste records into VM desktop computer as soon as using GDM.

To resolve that (remove Wayland) edit your custom configuration file


/etc/gdm/tradition.confrearea comment char "#" from the line:


WaylandEnable=falseconserve file and also reboot!


I"d be surprised if drag and also drop operated across OS types. It did work-related for me once both organize and guest were Windows. And also in Windows it was somewhat finicky -- for instance, I can copy files from Explorer in the host to Explorer in the guest, however not from Explorer in the host to Outlook in the guest.

For gaining your records into/out of Linux, you might have to resort to old-fashioned means of FTP, SCP etc. On the positive side, these days tright here are decent GUI clients for those protocols.


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