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VLC Media Player is without doubt among the the majority of popular free video players. Much of the appeal originates from the reality that it plays nearly any type of audio or video file that you throw at it without having to deal with codecs at all.

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That"s not all though, it is cross-platform, Open Source, and also ships via lots of various other attributes that you have the right to manipulate.

If you are a VLC user that just supplies the player to play video or audio documents without having actually looked at the choices when, you may miss out on some great attributes that boost your multimedia endure considerably.

This tips and tricks guide looks at those covert gems, functions, and also preferences that you might desire to take a closer look at.

VLC Big Bag of Tips

Lets obtain began, shall we?

1. Hide media title on start


VLC Media Player display screens the title of the file that you are playing as soon as you start it. While this may be valuable for some purposes, for instance if you play multiple brief videos one after the various other without break, it overshadows component of the display screen for a pair of seconds during the start.

To disable the function do the following:

Select Tools > Preferrals from the food selection.Select Subtitles & OSD.Locate "Show media title on video start" and uninspect package.

You deserve to alternatively adjust the place of the title instead from the default bottom position.

2. Do not save newly played videos


VLC maintains a history of newly watched items which have the right to be accessed under Media > Open Recent Media in the player interface. That"s advantageous if you desire to play a video or audio file aobtain, not so a lot if you are privacy-conscious and also like to save previous audio and also video plays exclusive.

To disable the function execute the following:

Select Tools > Precommendations from the food selection.Switch to Interface if it is not selected by default.Unexamine the "Save newly played items" choice below.

Keep in mind that the readjust requires a restart of VLC before it takes result. The Open Recent Media alternative in the food selection won"t be tbelow anyeven more.

3. Create video screenshots


If you want to create a quick screenshot of a video clip, you have the right to carry out so appropriate from within VLC Media Player. To do so right-click the video and choose Video > Take Snapshot from the context menu.

The snapswarm is presented as a small thumbnail for a second or 2 after you hit that button. The snapshots are conserved to the brochure that is mentioned in the preferences under Video. If nopoint is stated there, it will be conserved to the default photos catalog. On Windows, that is the My Pictures folder on many units.

4. Web Radio and also podcasts


You deserve to play audio documents with VLC Media Player out of the box. What some of you may not understand is that you deserve to likewise play Net radio and podcasts in VLC.

The player ships with several Internet radio sources that you deserve to tune in ideal away. Just choose View > Playlist, and also pick Net tbelow.

A list of choices becomes accessible, including Jamencarry out, Iceactors or the alternative to play Podcasts to the player. Note that it might take a while prior to some of the obtainable services populate with outcomes.

5. Extensions


You have the right to install extensions in VLC that extfinish or modify the player"s default use. This works comparable to just how web browser extensions are mounted in Firefox or Google Chrome.

While you will not discover thousands of extensions for VLC, you carry out discover a handful of interesting ones. There is the online radio ad blocker expansion for example, VLSub which adds caption searching and also downloading to VLC, or Micro Controls, a little regulate interface for the player.

Expansions are installed by downloading and install them from the VLC webwebsite and also relocate it to the luaextensions folder of the VLC installation catalog.

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6. Audio Normalization


VLC Media Player provides a number of audio alternatives that you might uncover amazing. One of them is the normalizer that you can allow in the audio settings. It basically sets the volume of eextremely track you play to the same level so that you carry out not need to sit with audio that is either too high or as well low in volume.

Keep in mind that the readjust takes result founding through the following video or audio file you play in VLC after you make the adjust.

7. Modern Precommendations

The routine displays simple preferences by default. You have the right to switch that to all choices instead which gives you added configuration options.

To switch, simply open up the preferences as soon as more and also pick All rather of Sindicate in the reduced left edge of the screen.

8. Shutdvery own VLC after playback

If you like to watch a video clip or listen to audio while you are falling asleep, you may choose the concept of your mechanism shutting down once that happens, so that it is not running all night lengthy.

There is no alternative in VLC to shut down the COMPUTER after playback, however you have the right to make use of batch scripts that are posted on the Videolan webwebsite to execute so.

9. Play RAR files

VLC deserve to play unsafeguarded RAR papers. Just pack the first part (if tbelow are several) into the player and it will certainly start to play the video or audio simply fine.

10. Make usage of hotkeys


The media player supports hotkeys and numerous are pre-set so that you can start using them best away. You can modify the hottricks under Preferences > Hottricks.

Here you uncover 2 different claims. First hotsecrets that occupational once the player is the active home window on the system, and also the second worldwide hotsecrets that enable you to control the player even if it is not the energetic home window. The second option is excellent for points favor regulating playback while you are doing something else on the computer system.

11. Top hotkeys you should know

Here is a brief list of default hotsecrets that you may uncover useful:

Play or Pause: SpaceNext off or previous: n or pStop: stoggle normal / repeat / loop: lVideo snapshot: Shift-sMute: mSubtitle delay up or down: h or gVolume up or down: Ctrl-Up or Ctrl-DownDisplay DVD menu: Shift-m

12. Convert videos

You have the right to transform video and audio records using VLC.

13. Customize the interface


You deserve to readjust the VLC Media Player interface to a level. Select Tools > Customize Interconfront to acquire started. Here you deserve to add or rerelocate symbols from toolbars via drag & drop.

For circumstances, if you never before use the random symbol, you may desire to remove it to clean up the interchallenge. You can likewise add buttons to it, for instance the DVD menu button which may come in helpful if you play the majority of DVDs in VLC.



You have the right to booknote video and also audio positions in VLC. This deserve to be useful if you want your favorite component of a song or scene of a video clip on rapid dial at all times.

Just open the bookmarks food selection using Ctrl-B while the video or audio is playing, and also click create to include a new booknote that web links to the present place of it.

15. Pimp VLC through Skins


If you execute not prefer the plain look and feel of VLC, you have the right to load a practice skin instead which alters exactly how the interconfront of the player looks.

You have the right to browse an option of skins on the VLC webwebsite.

Downpack the skins individually or all at once from the webwebsite and double-click the downloaded file to load a brand-new instance of VLC making use of it.

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This acts as a preview and also is just valid for the energetic session. To choose a new skin permanently, select Tools > Preferrals in VLC. Select Interchallenge > Use custom skin there and also pick the new skin that you have downloaded

Cshedding Words

These tips are simply the pointer of the iceberg. VLC Media Player is a versatile regime which is one reason why it is such a popular regime. I"d favor to recognize if you have tips of your own, if you use VLC. If so, feel cost-free to share them via us all in the comment area below.