Vlc disable autoplay

I should play a list of mp3 files one by one. I intend I must go to the following track manually. I tried to do so in PotPlayer, WMP and VLC. All of them jump to the following track after playing the existing file. How to proccasion this?


VLC does it prefer a champ, under devices > preferences, initially set it to show all in the bottom ideal, then pick the playlist item from the list on the left, and also you deserve to watch a entirety bunch of playago options and also great aid for each one if you ousage over!

VLC is constantly champ.

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How around opening each file through a paper manager?

Thats what I carry out whenever before I"m looking via the home windows sound files once transforming the windows sound system. Same goes for in search of a new ring tone on my mobile.


In WMP, develop a new playlist containing the MP3 files that you desire to play this means. Then, rather of double-clicking each file in the playlist, right-click each file and also choose Play (not Play all).

Play all, which is the default activity, starts playing the selected file, while putting the present list of songs in the Play tab. The Play action, on the other hand also, only puts the selected file in the Play tab.

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With VLC you deserve to speak the automatic skipping by picking the "no loop" symbol at the bottom of the viewport. The icon will certainly display a vertical bar in the facility once the no-loop alternative is schosen.


Do this to play people papers in a VLC playlist one at a time

Click Tools - Click Preferrals - (on interface tab ) scroll dvery own to "playlist and Instances" , inspect mark the "Pausage on last frame of video" - click save

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