Vizio tv stuck on initial setup

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I newly bought an XVT553SV and it is stuck on the initial setup display screen. The remote transforms the TV on but nothing else will work then. Anyone viewed this or have any kind of suggestions?Batteries are brand-new and great in the remote btw...
OR,You can try clearing the remote, then repairing/going with initial setup.ORYou might contact VIZIO technology assistance....Those seem easier then lugging a 55" TV ago to a save for somepoint that may not also be an concern, however thats simply me.
Also try holding dvery own the green switch and also "RECORD" on the remote for a few seconds- this will put it ago in infrared mode. The TV more than likely doesn"t respond bereason it"s paired through one more Bluetooth remote that isn"t there and will certainly just take regulates from that. Mine was stuck the exact same way; Vizio need to make that 2-button recollection command also more noticeable. (The instructions say to take the batteries out for a few minutes, yet that"s not as simple to obtain it to reset that method.)

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