Virtualbox windows xp network

No internet access for Guest Windows XP in Version 6.0.10

by Piers » 19. Aug 2019, 16:43

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This appears to be a well trodden path yet I have actually been unable to discover a solution that functions for me so much.I have actually newly installed Version 6.0.10 on my W10 PC (it incorpoprices the Spring 2019 Update). Everything is working efficiently, consisting of accessing the CD/ROM drive and USB, however not internet accessibility.I have regulated to install Firefox v. 43.0.1 by downloading it onto my W10 tough drive and then copying it to the XP virtual drive. It opens just fine however cannot accessibility the internet. I have tried all the Network-related alternatives (including NAT and Bridged Adapter) but nopoint renders any type of distinction. The Network-related symbol in the bottom righthand also corner of the Guest display screen mirrors that the Adapter is connected.Can anyone suggest anything please? I am not a computer system expert!

Re: No internet accessibility for Guest Windows XP in Version 6.0.10

by mpack » 19. Aug 2019, 17:55

Use NAT plus a modern browser. After that it will not be a trouble.If you still can"t work-related it out then we require a VM log. With the VM fully shut dvery own, ideal click and "Sexactly how Log" in the GUI, save "VBox.log" (no other file) to a zip, and connect the zip below. It could be a great concept to encompass the settings file in the zip as well.
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Re: No internet access for Guest Windows XP in Version 6.0.10

by scottgus1 » 19. Aug 2019, 19:43

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Also see No internet for a WinXP/98/95 guest. Contains tests & an XP-compatible internet browser attach that may job-related.
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