Vimeo repeat and speed

Player speed controls are a means for all individuals to give their viewers the ability to rate up or sluggish down playago of video and audio on desktop computer and also mobile browsers, regardmuch less if they are watching on the website or the installed player.

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Speed controls are enabled for all videos by default unless you"ve used a precollection to your video.

If you have energetic embed presets allowed on your video(s), you will not view speed controls appear on those videos by default. Instead, if you want them, you"ll need to enable them for each video individually.

If you update an existing embed precollection to revolve on rate controls, just brand-new videos will have actually the alternative allowed. The exception to this is if you chooseto apply it toallexisting videos, which is an irreversible decision and also will update the embed preset ofall videos on your account, not simply for videos that presently have that precollection.

To uncover the speed control establishing, open up your video from the video manager and also click theAdvanced switch to the right of the player. Open the Embed tab and also toggle Speed controls under the Controls section.

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To open up the rate regulate menu, tap on the gear symbol in the lower right edge of the installed player. Under the rate menu, you have the right to pick different worths for playago speed:

0.5x- 0.5 times sreduced than normal speed0.75x- 0.75 times slower than normal speedNormal- Default Speed1.25x- 1.25 times quicker than normal speed1.5x- 1.5 times quicker than normal speed2x- 2 times much faster than normal speed

Note: Both video and also audio will be changed for all speed choices.

Speed deserve to be readjusted at any time before and also throughout playago. You deserve to modify the playearlier speed by clicking the gear symbol in the player or utilizing the Player API. At this time, keyboard shortcuts are not obtainable.

Cards and also call formIf the rate of your video is modified, cards and the call create will proceed to play at their intended timestamp—displaying for the complete duration of 6 seconds on desktop computer and till the following card is scheduled to appear on mobile.

Mobile Internet and also AppsCurrently, rate controls will not appear in the application. The playback rate food selection can be accessed in both iOS and Android mobile browsers.

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You have the right to change the playback rate at any time by tapping the equipment icon in the player. However before, if you are viewing in fulldisplay screen mode on an iOS gadget, you"ll should leave complete display screen to adjust your rate in the time of playearlier. Once your video is resumed in complete display screen mode, the schosen playago speed will certainly be energetic.