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Are you the form of perchild who absolutely loves watching movies on Tumblr? If you are, then you"re absolutely not going to be happy if you can not play those videos anyeven more. But what are you going to do? Luckily, tright here are some good tips and also tricks throughout this write-up that have to help you alengthy. So, let"s explore why Tumblr video not working iPhone.

Are you having actually difficulty via video playago on Tumblr? Maybe you"ve tried a few points to settle it currently yet haven"t figured points out yet. Maybe you"re still not really certain what"s going on or you don"t also recognize why it"s having actually a trouble in the first location. The truth is, tbelow are a variety of various points that could be wrong via your device.

Corrupted video Damaged application Not sufficient memory Not linked to network

Back up Your iPhone before Fixing

Before you try to resolve your iPhone, the first point you must execute is to back up the information that you currently have on your device. The last point that you desire is to settle the difficulty with your video play however find out that you"ve shed every one of your content in the procedure, right? So, the initially thing is to check out the alternatives once it involves actually backing things up.

The initially strategy you deserve to usage to back up your gadget is via iTunes or iCloud. These techniques are the ones that Apple recommends however with it you can just make a complete backup. If you"re not interested in backing up all your data, you also have another option - D-Back, which allows you to save data and information selectively.

Once you"ve gone via the process of backing up, it"s time to occupational on exactly how to fix it. So, let"s take a look at the effective ways that you deserve to settle the problem and also obtain ago to viewing your videos.

Way 1. Fix Tumblr Video Not Working on iPhone without Documents Loss

Sometimes, this issue occurs as a result of software application glitches, so if you want to fix the trouble, the initially thing you require make certain is that you"re not going to lose any type of of your data. Thus let"s begin with the option that can help you retain the indevelopment on your gadget.

If you"re searching for a quick technique for fixing your tool because of a software program form problem, you definitely need the Fixppo, which is considered a expert level repair tool. It"s certainly going to help the procedure.


Tip 1.Select "Standard Mode" from the system.


Tip 2. Connect your tool to the computer and also select "Next".


Tip 3.Choose the firmware version you want and select "Download".


Tip 4. Select "Start" when every little thing has actually downloaded. Then wait for the process to finish.


Way 2. Check the Network

The next point that you can carry out is to check the network-related that you"re utilizing to watch if there"s any kind of kind of trouble through it. A potential problem might reason your phone not connecting to the video and can cause obstacle watching a video clip.

Step 1: Go into your settings and select "General" and then choose "Reset".

Step 2: Select "Reset Netoccupational Settings" and also log in to your network-related aacquire.

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Way 3. Upday Tumblr App

Sometimes your application is outdated and you require a more recent variation. If that"s the case, you"ll need update the application and watch if that fixes the difficulty that you"re having.

Step 1: Go into the application keep.

Step 2: Check available updates and upday the app if available.

Way 4. Uninstall & Reinstall Tumblr App

You have the right to also attempt to remove the app completely and also then install it again. This is actually a basic procedure as well and can settle a glitch in the application.

Step 1: Press and hold on any app on your home display screen.

Tip 2: When the apps shake and also the "x" appears, find the application you want. Click the "x" to delete and accept that you want to delete the app.

Step 3: Press the home key to soptimal the apps from shaking.

Tip 4: Get in the app store and also search for the Tumblr application. Now click to install the app.


Way 5. Restart Your iPhone

Sometimes all it takes to get your apps work again is sindicate to restart your device. It"s actually fairly easy to perform this and also you"ll be on your method aobtain in no time.

Tip 1: Press and also host the power switch.

Tip 2: Slide the power off bar to the side. Wait for your tool to power dvery own.

Tip 3: Press and organize the power switch. Wait for your gadget to power up.


Way 6. Update iOS Version

If your tool is not currently operating on the latest version of iOS that can be the problem you"re having actually with your videos and anypoint else. It"s straightforward to inspect.

Tip 1: Enter gadget settings and pick "General".

Step 2: Select "Software Update" and also check for a brand-new version.


Tip. What to Do If Losing Data after Fixing 

Well, that actually provides things a totality lot easier because you can try out different options. Primarily, you can simply regain an older backup to your device.

If you"re not worried around losing current information, you deserve to go right into iTunes or iCloud and you can gain back your gadget from a previous backup. You will certainly lose all your latest data for this, but, including anything that you downloaded or made after the backup.

The next alternative is that you have the right to use D-Back. This doesn"t need you to reclaim the device or usage a backup, yet you"re going to gain just what you need which will certainly not influence your existing information.



Have you had actually trouble through your device not playing Tumblr videos? Now it"s time to take some of the suggestions to heart and also see which one works for you. Just let us recognize what you"ve tried and how well it"s done in the comments below.