We’ve extended anime redheads. The publications area has their literary gingers. And of course there’s the original comic book superheroes and also villainous redheads. You love WWAC’s redhead collections as much as we do! Now it’s time for the games section to gain on the ginger train via our pick of the deadliest video game redheads.

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A.B.A, pronounced “Aba,” as in ABBA (アバ), Guilty Gear Isuka (debut)

A.B.A is a homunculus, a scary idea from the get-go. She wears bloody bandages, and is in love via a gigantic evil essential. She’s really only ten years old, being lab-grvery own, and has never before met anybody (which makes her difficult to deal with). She’s fairly bossy, and also extremely jealous, and also is at risk to starting fights once she feels that her bond with Paracels, sassist vital, is being intimidated. Throughout fights she draws power from blood packs, which is a cute spooky touch. She’s not a poor girl, and the majority of of her scariness comes from the sad scenarios of her young life. But at first glance—or all of a sudden, in a darkened alley—you’d be foroffered for thinking, “Oh cripes! I’m gonna die—!”

— Claire Napier

Mint, Threads of Fate (Dewprism in Japan)

Mint isn’t your typical scary. Sure, she looks like a normal girl, wielding magic rings of some sort and also on an adundertaking. But no! Tbelow is darkness here! In Threads of Fate, two protagonists sign up with pressures (reluctantly) in order to discover the a lot of powerful prehistoric relic feasible. Rue, the quiet and well-manner amnesiac boy, just wants to carry his dead foster mommy, his only household in the totality world, earlier to life. What does Mint want? WORLD DOMINATION! Mint is a loud, overbearing and also obnoxious brat, who literally stomps till the screen shakes as soon as she isn’t getting her way. Now, tantrums aren’t the scariest thing—until you pair them via magic fire balls, that is! Mint’s rings enable her to channel various develops of magic, practically every one of which are offensive—Cutter, Arrow, Bomb, Cyclone, and Napalm. Neat-o! And her hazards of people domination could be ignorable, if she wasn’t actually royalty and can be in a position to overcome it. That’s right—Mint is searching for a super-effective prehistoric artireality to overthrow her sister, whom was liked as follower to the throne over her because of her horrible mindset. So, a spoiled brat that can cast a napalm spell and desires to take over the civilization by ousting her baby sister? Yeah, doesn’t sound scary at all… (Man, I miss this game.)

— Cathryn Sinjin-Starr

This was intended to be a peak ten list, yet I got a little bit brought amethod. — Wendy Browne

Leliana, Dragon Age

When we first meet Leliana in Dragon Age: Origins, she is a lay sister at the local Chantry, persuaded that the Maker has chosen her for a noble cause. In reality, Leliana is trying to atone for her sins as a bard under the training and command also of a womale named Marjolaine. As the Dragon Age series progresses, Leliana involves terms via both her penchant for stealth and murder as a bard, and also her religious devotion. She becomes Sister Nightingale and also the Left Hand also of the Divine Justinia, the leader of the Chantry and also the woman who helped Leliana escape her captors. Now, Leliana’s ravens and spies whisper their secrets in her ear and also her daggers are constantly all set to execute whatever before is crucial to protect the Divine. Her loyalty and passion and belief is unshakable, but those who attempt to cross her and the causes she fights for might just find themselves dead. Or worse.

Lilith, Borderlands

Lilith is introduced to players as “The Siren” in Borderlands, but we learn that she is actually one of 6 such woguys gifted with remarkable power that proceeds to flourish as she absorbs even more and more eridium.

Unchoose the usual scary, magical woguys trope, Lilith’s phenomenal abilities aren’t feared by her companions, but her enemies much better damn well watch out for the Firehawk.

Commander Jane Shepard, Mass Effect

Players deserve to create a Shepard, male or female, that looks but they desire, yet the default female Shepard is a redhead. Players have the right to additionally choose to play a kinder, gentler Shepard, but that doesn’t make her any kind of less deadly than a Renegade Shepard that is always all set to punch her method to infamy. The fate of the entire galaxy rests on Commander Shepard’s shoulders. She ain’t obtained time to waste on politics and also public relations once a sniper rifle or a biotic charge deserve to make her allude via far more definition. Commander Shepard is a hero, not merely because she can (and will) conserve the galaxy, but because she knows that sacrifices need to be made along the way and is willing to shoulder the burden, so don’t attempt to stand also in her way.

Triss Merigold, The Witcher

Being a sorceress that is allergic to healing magic and potions is inconvenient, but that does not preclude Triss Merigold from kicking ass. Whether she is fighting at the Witcher’s side, or advising monarchs, Triss have the right to organize her very own. She is a starting member of the Lodge of Sorceresses whose goal, the sorceresses say, is to defend the interests of magic within the many kind of kingdoms of this world, yet their power and affect is dangerous and not to be trusted.

Rayne, BloodRayne

Rayne is a dhampir—the offspring of a human mother and also a vampire father. She has actually no love for the blood-sucking side of her family, and also in the 1930s society in which she hunts, no vampire is safe from her arsenal of knives and exploding things. In the 2005 film, Rayne is played by Kristanna Loken, that is determined to speak her evil father, played by Ben Kingsley, from damaging the human race.

Nariko, Heavenly Sword

“I should not have actually been. It was composed that twenty-three years ago, in the year of the fire-horse, a divine being would be reborn, in the body of a mortal man. A savior, destined to unite our civilization and also present us the means to the Promised Land also. Instead, I was born from my mother’s dying body…and my civilization wept. They said I was a portent of doom…probably they were right.”


Iori Yagami, King of Fighters

For a guy that dislikes violence, according to his biography, Iori certain can lug the warmth. He is heir to the yasakani (八尺瓊) clan, who, along with two other clans, are responsible for sealing amethod the good snake demon, Orochi. His pyrokinetic powers have been the bane of King of Fighter‘s Kyo Kusanagi, as has actually his hatred for and also sadistic obsession with the game’s hero. I’ve never before quite construed just how Iori doesn’t expedition through that belt dangling in between his legs, yet possibly it’s actual objective is to keep Iori’s deadly pyrokinetic wild rage— a.k.a. “unbridled instinct”—in check. His bio likewise says his favourite food is meat. Sounds favor my type of guy.

Eir Stegalkin, Guild Wars 2

“Everyone bleeds. Even stone has actually a heart, and it can be found if you know exactly how to reduced deeply.”

A nine foot tall woguy whose companion is a dire wolf and also who herself turns into a red-haired dire wolf. How is that not scary? Good point she’s among the great guys.

Sarah Kerrigan, Starcraft

Until she was betrayed, Kerrigan was a specialized soldier that increased in the ranks from Confederate gorganize to second in command also of the Sons of Korhal. As a ghost, her psionic abilities and stealth make her nigh unstoppable, but also without these skills, she is not to be messed with. Now her hair is no much longer red, but as the Queen of Blade, leader of the Zerg swarmth, she is even more effective than ever before, and is hungry for revenge.

Akuma, Street Fighter

“I am Akuma. And I will teach you the definition of pain!”

Knvery own in Japan as Gouki, the Amerideserve to variation of the character has actually adopted the devilish interpretation of the word “akuma” (悪魔), though he wears the symbol of heaven (天) on his back. His sole purpose for existence is to hone his fighting skills by difficult and destroying various other professional fighters.

Aveline Vallen, Dragon Age II

“Protect what matters via everything you have actually, or you’ll have actually nopoint, and deserve it.”

Aveline is first met as a soldier in Teyrn Loghain’s army. Forced by the Teryn’s betrayal to flee the darkgenerate horde, Aveline befrifinished Hawke alengthy the method, and, despite shedding her husband, soldiered on to Kirkwall where she would inevitably come to be captain of the guard and also Hawke’s a lot of loyal friend. Her sword and also shield are always ready to defend the city and world she has actually concerned love.

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Mira, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2

Accordingly to Darth Traya, Mira was not born to be a predator, yet her Mandalorian training and also her skills as a bounty hunter have actually earned her quite a reputation on the earth of Nar Shaddaa. The fact is, she complies with her own individual code that refuses to accept that bounty hunters have to kill their bounty, but that doesn’t make her any kind of much less dangerous.