right into the spider-verse really is a love letter to the forms of art that get disparaged as not“actual art”. it mirrors off the exceptionally best of 3d computer animation, street art and graffiti, rap, and comic books and also you deserve to tell so much love and also care went into showing them at their most beautiful and also impactful





“execute you have actually any pets?” a cat“what is his name?” missile launcher


Iron Man- 0/10. No trains.

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The Incredible Hulk- 1/10. No trains, but a verbal recommendation to the subway.

Iron Man 2- -100/10. No trains, negative 100 points for a cameo by train-hater Elon Musk

Thor- 0/10. No trains in area :(

Captain America: The First Avenger- 7/10. Cool train heist scene, and also monorails go by at the World’s Fair

The Avengers- 3/10. A freight train goes by at the beginning. Cap tells the police to acquire world right into the subway, offering hope for even more train content that goes unfulfilled. The only scene of Cap riding the subway was deleted.

Iron Man 3- 0/10. No trains.

Thor: The Dark World- 10/10 THOR RIDES THE TRAIN

Captain America: The Winter Soldier- 0/10. No trains.

Guardians of the Galaxy- 0/10. Still no trains in area :(

Avengers: Age of Ultron- 6/10. Okay action scene entailing avoiding a train.

Ant-Man- 9/10. Fight scene involving Thomas the Tank Engine!!!!

Captain America: Civil War- 1/10. Cap and Sharon meet beside high-speed rail tracks yet no trains go by.

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Doctor Strange- 6/10. Subways go flying by in the mirror dimension!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2- 0/10. Still no trains in area :(

Spiderman: Homecoming- 10/10! Peter“Numtot” Parker rides on the train several times and also additionally crashes a automobile for great measure

Thor: Ragnarok: 0/10. Someone better gain some trains in room real soon

Black Panther: 7/10. Cool Wakandan tram goes dvery own the street, and also the finale entails a vibranium train!

Avengers: Infinity War: 6/10. Cap emerges from behind a relocating train!!

Ant-Man and the Wasp: 0/10. No trains.

Captain Marvel: 11/10 THERE ARE TRAINS IN SPACE!!! TRAINS IN SPACE!!! THERE ARE FINALLY TRAINS IN SPACE!!!! likewise she rides a train on earth too!!! Carol Danvers: queen of public transportation and also my heart