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I received these really cute voice messages from my girlfriend the other day that I instantly realized I wanted to keep on cloud forever and listen over and over aget. But saving it wasn’t a simple task bereason Viber’s plan against sharing audio papers. After doing some research and also trying few approaches, I uncovered out that the finest method save/backup Viber audio messages are to play them on PC and also document interior sound playback through Audacity

Of course you require Viber mounted on your COMPUTER at the minute of receiving audio messeras because otherwise they won’t be delivered to your computer system. I was lucky sufficient to have actually Viber mounted on all my Computers at the moment so messperiods were obtainable on all my gadgets. If you didn’t have Viber on your PC at the moment, it’s pretty a lot impossible to conserve Viber voice messperiods because Android does not support recording of interior sound playago. Unless you ask the sender to send the messperiods aget after you’ve set up Viber on your PC, you are out of luck.

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I’m going to continue writing for lucky folks out tbelow because you’ll still need my assist to go through via this. Recording windows internal sound playago is not as easy as you might think. It was basic few years back, but Microsoft has disabled the attribute in pertains to of audio piracy. As a method roughly for this, I’ve updated my COMPUTER with Realtek High Definition Audio Drivers which brought ago Stereo Mix under Recording devices for Windows 7.

Since we know what to carry out now, we deserve to begin by downloading and installing Realtek High Definition Audio Drivers. Setup will certainly ask you to restart you PC to complete the installation.

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Once your computer system has turned back on, downpack and install Audacity. Open Audacity after the installation and make sure Stereo Mix is selected as recording device.


Pressing the Record button will begin recording internal audio from your PC. You have the right to change output volume from Audacity as well. Once you press the Record button, you need to open Viber and play the audio file. Audacity will capture the audio and then you can conserve it to a file by going to File > Export Audio from the Audacity menu.

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You have the right to pick to conserve audio as a MP3 file. But you’ll should install another software program to perform that. I didn’t want to install an additional software application on my COMPUTER this day. So I simply picked the default choice WAV and saved the audio. Now I have actually Viber voice message as a WAV file on my Google Drive wright here I deserve to accessibility any type of time without having to scroll back my Viber message background.