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When I block somebody in Viber have the right to he still watch my digital status?
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Asked 6 years, 10 months ago
Active 4 years, 1 month ago
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When I block somebody in Viber have the right to he still check out my digital status? Or will he still get "delivered" icon?

viber instant-messaging
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asked Jun 5 "14 at 11:28

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Yes, blocked contacts have the right to still see your Online status.

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answered Jun 5 "14 at 14:48

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From VIBER themselves:

What happens as soon as I block a contact?

When you block a contact, you proccasion them from contacting you through one-on-one messperiods or calls to your mobile device on Viber. You additionally prevent them from including you to a team conversation.

A few notes around blocking contacts:

You will certainly not be able to sfinish messperiods or make phone calls to contacts you have actually blocked.

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Your profile indevelopment will be visible to the blocked call if you were conserved in their contact list prior to the block, but they will certainly not view any kind of transforms made to that indevelopment. If you were not saved in their call list at the time of the block, no profile indevelopment will be visible.

Your digital status will certainly not be visible to a blocked contactUnblocking a call will not gain back messeras or calls they sent while they were blocked.

Calls and also press notifications from blocked contacts may still be received on Viber for taballows, Viber for Deskpeak and Viber for Windows 8.

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Blocking a call will certainly not delete previous message and contact history.Blocking a contact will not prevent you from seeing messeras they send in a group you are both participating in.

Blocking a contact will certainly proccasion this contact from including you to a group chat.Blocked users will watch a "Sent" message condition for the messeras they sfinish you. The message status will certainly never say "Delivered" or "Seen"