QuickBooks considers every one of the adhering to to be merchants except: A. Financial establishments such as banksB. Tax agencies such as the IRSC. Utility companiesD. All of these

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Which among the adhering to is a seller transaction? A. Make DepositsB. Receive Customer PaymentsC. Get in BillsD. Sell Goods to Customers
How does QuickBooks categorize items?A. Non-inventory itemsB. Inventory itemsC. Service itemsD. All of these
Which of the adhering to tasks and also QuickBooks window supplied to document it is incorrect? A. Sell products and also bill customers; InvoiceB. Record inventory information; Inventory ListC. Record merchant information; Vendor ListD. Order goods; Acquisition Orders
Which among the adhering to activities is not shown in the Vendor area of the Home page? A. Write ChecksB. Pay Sales TaxesC. Pay BillsD. Acquisition Orders
Which among the adhering to is usually classified as an inventory item? A. Goods purchased for resale to customersB. Items purchased and also the quantity on hand also does not have to be trackedC. Items purchased and provided by the firm such as office suppliesD. Items purchased for a particular customer job
Which of the adhering to reports is frequently offered once counting inventory on hand? A. Inventory Valuation SummaryB. Inventory Valuation DetailC. Inventory Stock Status by ItemD. Physical Inventory Worksheet
Which QuickBooks home window is supplied to document solutions received? A. Create InvoiceB. Acquisition OrderC. Enter BillsD. Estimates
The Inventory Stock Status by Item report is offered when: A. Vendors sell a purchase discount on inventory itemsB. A list is needed of the amount of inventory on hand and on orderC. The computer systems go downD. Inventory items are physically inserted in the warehouse
Vendor reports deserve to be accessed in QuickBooks in every one of the following methods except: A. Report CenterB. Vendor CenterC. Report MenuD. All of these
What QuickBooks task comes next in the this string of business activities: Acquisition Order > Receive Items > Get in Bills > ______. A. Receive PaymentsB. Pay BillsC. DepositD. Vendor List
What QuickBooks task comes following in the this string of business activities: Invoice > Receive Payments > ______. A. DepositB. Receive PaymentsC. Pay BillsD. Vendor List
If you obtained inventory without a bill, as soon as the bill has arrived you can execute all of the following, except: A. Go into the bill versus the inventory currently recordedB. Go into the inventory and then enter the bill separatelyC. Get in the bill and wait for the inventory to arriveD. Go into the inventory and also bill at the very same time
The Acquisition Orders window is used to document which one of the following transactions? A. A customer order to purchase goodsB. An order to purchase items from a vendorC. Services got but not yet paidD. Cash purchases of supplies
Which order of jobs is used when purchasing inventory? A. Get in Bills; Pay BillsB. Enter Invoice; Write CheckC. Purchase Order; Receive Bill; Pay BillsD. Acquisition Requisition; Receive Inventory; Pay Bills
Which one of the complying with is a customer transaction? A. Record Customer InformationB. Receive Customer PaymentsC. Sell Goods to CustomersD. All of these
Sales taxes are: A. Charged on sales to other retailersB. Charged on retail sales to customersC. Passist by the retailer on sales to customersD. Passist by the vendor
The Open Acquisition Orders Report offers information about: A. Acquisition Orders for items ordered yet not yet received.B. All Acquisition Orders.C. Acquisition Orders from residential companies just.D. Acquisition Orders from international providers only.
Which inventory costing method does QuickBooks use to track inventory? A. First-in First-outB. First-in Last-outC. Weighted AverageD. All of these
A non-inventory item is: A. Goods purchased for resale to customersB. An item purchased for a certain customer jobC. A organization purchased from a vendorD. A service marketed to a vendor
All the times below are when you have the right to obtain a bill except:A. When receiving a serviceB. When submitting a purchase orderC. When receiving inventoryD. After receiving inventory
Which window is used to pay sales taxes? A. Create InvoiceB. Write ChecksC. Manage Sales TaxD. Enter Bills
Which report summarizes accounts payable balances by the age of the account? A. Accounts Payable Aging DetailB. Accounts Payable Aging SummaryC. Purchases by Vendor SummaryD. Purchases by Item Summary
Which report provides indevelopment on items ordered yet not received? A. Accounts Payable Aging DetailB. Accounts Payable Aging SummaryC. Open Purchase Orders ReportD. Physical Inventory Worksheet
The Acquisition Orders home window is provided to record which one of the complying with transactions? A. Cash purchases of suppliesB. Services received but not yet paidC. An order to purchase goods from a vendorD. A customer order to purchase goods
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Fundapsychological Financial Accounting Conceptsnine EditionChristopher Edmonds, Frances M McNair, Philip R. Olds, Thomas P. Edmonds

Bundle: Intermediate Accounting 16e Binder Ready Version + WileyPLUS Access Code1sixth EditionDonald E. Kieso, Jerry J. Weygandt, Terry D. Warfield

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