Been thinking of gaining an oval brush set, but don't want to spend too much in instance I end up preferring to stick to normal brushes. I've seen a couple Youtube reviews of these and they looked pretty excellent. The set just around 30 bucks with a discount code as well. Wondering if any type of of you obtained them/recognize of any kind of other affordable oval brush sets you'd reccommend?


Please please for your sake don't order from Vanity Planet. Every single thing iv order from them has actually been late, lost or broke within the first few weeks. Not worth it. Check out Amazon for thoes brushes, more options and also probably much better quality.

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I agree go to amazon...I wanted to attempt these brushes and also bought some for $10 and you recognize what they work-related fabulously. In reality, I just order brushes now from amazon bereason they deserve to be bought in mass for $10. Spending $25 or more for a single makeup brush is insane to me. It's a makeup brush.

So I just looked the brushes up and also I'm like, 90 percent certain that these brushes are the exact same 10pc private label collection you deserve to buy on Amazon for $10 by looking "oval brush set", just through their name slapped on them. I think a lot of Vanity Planet's stock is simply exclusive label assets through their name on it.

With that in mind, I actually have this collection (not ordered from vanity world, but from Amazon). All I deserve to say is that they're okay, yet the totality set isn't worth it. The largest challenge brush is too significant for just about anything. The other confront brushes are all best for structure and also contour. Sometimes I usage them to blfinish cream blush. The round, little brushes are pretty much useless; they don't occupational any kind of better than continual brushes for eyeshadow, they're a small too dense for blending concealer. If anypoint, they might be helpful as a lip brush, as I've viewed world do it on instagram, however I've never before tried them that way. The lengthy, skinny brushes can be okay if you usage eyebrow wax and also powder or pommade, yet I still like an angled brush. They are decently sturdy and soft.

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Tl;dr: the just brushes truly worth anything in the collection are the smaller sized challenge brushes and the lengthy skinny ones. The collection on Vanity Planet is virtually definitely just a private label set through their logo design stamped on it, so you might attempt searching for the collection for much cheaper on Amazon, where you can acquire them unlabeled or with some other random brand stamped on them.