Well it’s out on the highmeans and it’s on via the showAlmeans telling people things they’re also lazy to knowIt deserve to make you crazy, yeah it have the right to drive you insaneTell me why need to I constantly describe.

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“Why Must I Almethods Explain?” is a song composed by Van Morrison and had on his 1991 album, Hymns to the Silence. He provided the same melody as on his 1971 song, “Tupelo Honey”. He has actually regularly performed it live in his concerts over the years and also occasionally has actually segued from one song to the next.

Unfavor other songs where Morrison has actually denied partially or wholly that the material was autobiographical, he has constantly admitted that this song is his answer to push, critics and fans about the demands of his life as a musician. He has actually explained that the song was “about these civilization that are non-producers, and also who collection themselves up as authorities on the civilization that are doing the work, choose me…They become authorities, even though they know nopoint about it.”

In an intercheck out via Victoria Clarke in 1993, he expressed that: “I don’t really want to need to describe myself bereason I’m not really interested in doing that. If I was I would certainly be somebody else. I’d be a politician or a celebrity. What I’m saying is, I’m simply me. I make the records, I make this music and that’s it, you know.” The song has the lines: “It’s not righteous indignation that renders me complain/It’s the truth that I constantly need to explain”.

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Van Morrison: vocals, electric guitarNeil Drinkwater: piano, accordionGeorgie Fame: backing vocalsSteve Gregory: flutePaul Robinson: drumsNicky Scott: bass


Producer: Van Morrison


Knvery own Performances: 312First performance: Feb 6, 1991 DublinLast performance: Feb 5, 2019 in Los Angeles

Here is the initially live version through Bob Dylan in Dublin 06.02.91(it starts after Tupelo Honey, around 2m25sec in):

…and also via much much better sound quality:


Steve Turner (writer, Van Morrison: Too late to stop now) felt the “Irony of ‘Why Must I Almethods Explain?’ was that the thrust of his songcreating had actually always been explanation, giving his public detailed indevelopment about his troubles, hardships and also spiritual adventures. He had actually dropped ideas about which authors he was reading and what he was listening to, and also then showed up to be taken aearlier that his fans should ask for more.”

Biographer Johnny Rogan commented (in his book, Van Morrison: No Surrender) that “the song asked a question that begged the reply, ‘But you’ve never explained anything!"”

“…his rambling musings (choose the soultotally suave “Why Must I Almeans Explain”) retain a compelling power.”. Michael Gallucci (Allmusic)


Have to toe the line, I’ve gained to make the mostSpent all the years going, from pillar to postNow I’m standing on the exterior and I’m waitin’ in the rainTell me why have to I constantly explain

Bared my soul to the crowd eh yet oh what the costMany of them laughed out loud favor nopoints been lostTbelow were hypocrites and parasites and also people that drainTell me why must I always explain

Why, why need to I always explainOver and over, over againIt’s just a task you know and also it’s no sweet LorraineTell me why should I always explain

Well I get up in the morning and also I get my briefI go out and stare at the people in finish disbeliefIt’s not righteous indignation that renders me complainIt’s the fact that I always need to explain

I can’t be everywhere at once, there’s constantly somebody to seeAnd I never before turned out to be the perchild that you wanted me to beAnd I tell you that I am, time and also time and also time againTell me why have to I constantly explain

Well it’s out on the highmeans and also it’s on through the showAlmeans informing world things they’re as well lazy to knowIt have the right to make you crazy, yeah it have the right to drive you insaneTell me why have to I always define.