We are given:Set A =  X is an even entirety number between 0 and also 2This notation indicates that all integers X that is an even whole number between 0 and also 2 is had in Set A. This implies that set A is a null set. Because tbelow are no also numbers between 0 and also 2. 

as soon as Mrs. Stewart provides pie dough, she provides 2/3 cup of shortening for eincredibly 2 1/2 cups of flour which propercentage can be offered t


The amount of floor Mrs.Stewart demands for

cups of shortening

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Step-by-action explanation:

Mrs.Stewart pie dough needs

cups of shortening for
cups of flour.

Now we assume that the shortening essential for

cups of flour is

Accordingly we can ararray the ratios.


Plugging the value of

as it is number of cups of shortening Mrs.Stewart have actually supplied.

And multiplying both sides via

,we have actually

Number of cups of flour (x)


So (x)


The amount of floor Mrs.Stewart necessary for

cups of shortening =

For this example I am going to use Cape Coral-Ft Myers Florida which was the fastest prospering city of 2017.

As of January of 2000, the population of the city was 102,286, and also as of January 1 of 2010, the populace was 154,305; therefore, I"m going to study a population growth over a duration of 10 years.

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I am going to usage the standard design for populace growth:


= time (in years)

= growth rate

= initial populace

= populace after a time

Now, I"m going to replace the worths in the equation to acquire :

Finally, I will multiply x by 100% to obtain 4% which the thriving price of Cape Coral-Ft Myers from 2000 to 2010.

Michael loaded his truck at the wareresidence and his fill weighed 2,022.14 pounds. After making 3 deliveries, his truck weighed

Well, if 0.4% was defected, then 99.6% of the parts are excellent, because 100-0.4 is 99.6. Multiply 99.6% via 54650, and you acquire 54431.4. You must round down, bereason you can not have components of parts. So, 54431 components were great.