The Urban Decay Naked on the Run palette is a travel all set palette that consist of six eyeshadows, bronzer, blush, lipgloss, eye liner and mascara, so basically every little thing you need to perform your totality face except of foundation and also concealer.

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The six eyeshadows are all brand-new releases so never before prior to viewed shades. It’s nice that they consisted of a bigger dimension of the highlighting shade reason we all currently that that’s the shade we hit pan on initially. The lipgloss that comes via the palette is likewise a new shade called Sesso ( a tool pink-plum shade), the eyeliner in dark brown shade is take a trip dimension and the Perversion mascara is additionally a take a trip size variation.

The bronzer in the palette is a light to medium yellow toned bronzer and has actually a matte finish. I would certainly say that this would certainly work-related up to tool skin tone as it’s exceptionally subtle on my skin. It is likewise heat toned so those who choose their bronzer more of a cool toned shade will not like this. The blush is a nice pink shade with blue undertones and also a satin end up. It’s quite pigmented so be certain to use a light hand also once using, specially on lighter skin tones.


The palette is actually rather bulky, perhaps they had to execute that in order to fit the lipgloss but it’s thicker than my other palettes so some world would not take into consideration this palette as travel friendly.

I would recommend this palette to girls that are beginners and also don’t own many palettes cause if you’re a makeup lover as me you have the right to quickly uncover the shades in different palettes.

I actually think that their Naked palettes are pretty travel friendly reason they’re sturdy and also don’t take much space yet if you desire to have every little thing in one palette this is an excellent alternative.


The quality of the shadows is exceptionally nice, I think UD never disappoints in the eyeshadow department. The shades are all incredibly wearable, blend basic and are very pigmented. I prefer that they had 2 change shades, one lighter and one darker to fit eexceptionally skin tone. You deserve to execute a natural look through this palette or go for a smoky evening look.


I’m happy to report that I prefer whatever in this palette, and also I have the right to actually usage every shade. As I said prior to the bronzer will not occupational for everybody yet for the blush I think it’s extremely flexible.

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This palette is currently easily accessible on Urban Decay’s webwebsite and also it’s $54. The release date for various other retailers is December 1st online and December fourth in stores.