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I’ve been looking for ways to upgrade Windows 7 Professional to Enterprise hereat occupational so that BitLocker (and also various other features) would certainly end up being available. I wasresult in think that the just way to attain this wregarding format the driveand install Windows 7 Enterpclimb from scratch, so I set around in search of hacks.

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Searching with Google, I found a reasonably basic strategy that worksquite well but takes the very same amount of time as a re-install would. Theupside is that it keeps all formerly installed applications (and also data) whichis handy when you have actually a preconfigured machine.

So without even more adieu…


To prepare, ssuggest open up regedit and also navigate toHKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows NT/CurrentVersion and also modify EditionIDand ProductName so that they say Enterpincrease instead of Professional.

Windows Regisattempt Editor Version 5.00"EditionID"="Enterprise""ProductName"="Windows 7 Enterprise"


Once you’ve modified the registry and also adjusted the edition information, simplyinsert your Windows 7 Enterpclimb DVD right into the drive and also run the installer fromwithin Windows. Follow the on-display screen prompts and also encertain you selectUpgrade. Let the installer do its point and, as soon as finished, your formerProfessional installation must currently be Enterpclimb. If for whatever before reason theupgrade process stops working, the installer will revert your home windows back to theProfessional variation.


Ensure you’re upgrading to the exact same company fill level. If you’re runningProfessional SP1, then upgrade to Enterpclimb SP1Be sure you enter in the brand-new Product Key and activate Windows uponcompletion.If your Professional install has actually been deployed for a while, this approach maynot occupational.This process takes a while. If the machine you desire to upgrade is fairlystraight forward, you’d most likely be best to just install Enterpincrease fromscratch.

I’ve tried via older Professional deployments with blended results, but haveyet to encounter an worry with this technique on new computers being readiedfor finish users.


I am not responsible if your machine decides to format itself, spontaneouslycombust, or end up being the world’s first self-aware neural net-based artificialintelligence. I’ve offered this strategy a number of times without information loss, or problem.

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Sep 19, 2013 10:34:58

Worked great for me, Thanks, You sassist “This procedure takes a while. If the machine you desire to upgrade is reasonably straight forward, you’d more than likely be ideal to just install Enterpclimb from scratch.”

If you install it from scrape you have to go and uncover all the little bit vehicle drivers that make PCs occupational so good, This saves ALOT of time actually.

Rictough jiyuushikan.org
jiyuushikan.org jiyuushikan.org

I’ve properly been able to upgrade 7 Pro to 7 Enterpclimb, and 7 Pro SP1 to 7 Enterprise SP1. I recognize you can’t go from SP1 to RTM, and I haven’t tried going from RTM to SP1, yet I suspect it won’t occupational.

I think the trouble that avoids the upgrade from working, at times, is dependent on exactly how lengthy SP1 has actually been used. With the hold of updates that gain used on optimal of SP1 and then upgrading to Enterpincrease SP1, those updays no much longer are there, and Windows simply can’t handle that.

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For machines that don’t upgrade appropriately, it will be interesting to check out what happens once SP2 comes out. With a fresh SP2 install then upgrading to Enterprise SP2, it just can work.


Confirmed that this works. Tested on a spare desktop first before trying on a live user mechanism. Going for the live device on Friday.

Thanks for posting this! I’ve supplied it at least 5 times currently so that we deserve to remove Symantec Encryption Deskoptimal and usage Bitlocker. What a difference it makes! This saves me from having actually to refill laptops and also allows me gain them earlier to the owners as quick as possible!

Thanks again!Ken

Fantastic. Worked perfectly and also saved the majority of initiative restructure an image.

Thank you for the clear instructions.

i tried via sp1 to sp1 and also it preserved informing me that my pro variation was newer than my enterpincrease version and also errored out. i didn’t want to have to start from scratch due to chauffeurs but it seems i saved them and it wont take me as well long. was simply wondering if anyone kbrand-new what this error can suppose.

Hey Matt, sorry to hear you had actually problems.

To answer your question, the factor why you received those errors is because your Pro variation was newer than your Enterprise.

It isn’t sufficient to have a Pro SP1 install and an Enterprise SP1 install disk. The Pro minor version number demands to enhance what the Enterprise one will be. Your Professional install probably has actually SP1 and a bunch of hot-fixes and/or roll-up packages set up, where the Enterprise SP1 installer you’re making use of doesn’t have those extras included.

You have the right to constantly usage a technique called ‘Slipstreaming’ to inject updates into an install photo, but if this is just a one-off point, then reinstalling certainly faster.

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Hi Rictough, I tried it and got Trouble to transform from nterprise to Prof, yet then I unmounted IE11 and all functions favor desired…Thnaks and regardsWolf

Thank you for sharing nice informations. Great. In the last years i perform it in the same way, however if you have a totally mounted pc via many applications, it deserve to be that some products of Microsoft don’t run after an upgrade to Victory 7 Enterprise. If it possible, inspect if you have the right to perform a fresh install of Windows 7 Enteprise. Thats my recommandation. Thanks jiyuushikan.org.