Unprotect sheet greyed out

I have actually used this to unsafeguard Excel spreadsheet which was locked for editing. Worked for me. I have actually offered the totally free variation which permits you to use 1st and also 2nd alternative in file.

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I"ve downloaded the password breaker from http://www.straxx.com. I"m able to use the first alternative to undefend sheet however not able to use the second alternative to unsafeguard workbook.

This regime deserve to be offered to:1) Unprotect sheet2) Unprotect workbook 

Any suggestions on this.


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After unprotecting the sheet, have actually you saved the file without protecting? Then go ago and attempt to undefend the whole workbook. Maybe it desires to perform one point at a time (?).


I"m not going to ask why you wanted to undefend a spreadsheet, I"ll simply assume that whoever offered it to you neglected to give you the password and also has actually currently vaniburned.

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I will allude out that the cost-free version of this software claims it is for individual use just. I know we pretty much go on our honor on some points like this, yet if you favor the software application, support the developer.

/gets off soapbox

Now, if you do not mind, what version of Excel are you using?

I"m utilizing MS Office 2010 and also made the spreadsheet myself couple of months ago. Accidently i forgained the password and also i"m not able to to recall it currently. Tright here are around 50 sheets in this workbook. Though i deserve to undefend all the sheets one by one, which i"ve left as last alternative.


Is there any type of method i deserve to unsafeguard the workbook in one go so that all the sheets are available for editing ?

Another thing which i noticed is once you unsafeguard the sheet you can not protect them again. Both alternatives Protect sheet & Protect Workbook are greyed out.


Also is tbelow any kind of method with which i can share the workbook but it can"t be deleted by any user ?

Once you"re in the file, you can pick the first tab, then shift-click the last to pick all tabs at as soon as, then right-click to unprotect sheets from the conmessage food selection. All this functions only after you"ve gained past the password to open up it.

Thanks for replying DZee.

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I tried doing this but didn"t acquired any result in my favor.

I"m able to open the file yet i"ve locked certain field so that user can"t readjust them however currently i"ve forgotten the password myself. :)

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