Universal missing menus fixer

I don't know exactly how, however somejust how Fallout 4 lost my whole electronics tab in Settlement Mode. Among various other problems.

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I think I may have finally damaged the camel's back through mods, I had something like 250 installed. Decided to simply uninstall the game completely, I'd been gaining worn down of it anyway. It likewise at a couple points forgained I had completed the DLC and also a few times loaded without any kind of mods at all.

Out of curiosity has actually anyone else had actually this happen? I couldn't discover anypoint on food selection categories going lacking in build mode.

Enable the UMF. Start game.

Run approximately for a few seconds to let the UMF carry out its job. Exit game. Close game.

Disable the UMF.

Start game. Menus must be ago.

It's been rather a while considering that I've played FO4, so I could have actually gotten the steps wrong. I believe this is correct, though. If you're unsure around it, review up about it on the mod's front page on the Nexus.

This tool has conserved my ass many, many type of times. Good luck.

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Are you under 255? Magic number for amount of mods installed. Shit starts going wonky a bit before this number as well.

He would certainly need to be if they were all plugins, the engine provides it difficult to go better. I think it’s even more likely that a mod or mod conflict messed it up.

Happens to me all the time. Generally an outcome of me letting something override the mod I have actually that reorders workshop menus "Workshop Re...Something". Makes things simpler to discover however disputes via a lot of other mods that as workshop items.

Menus, or Formlists in the CK, usually disshow up as soon as one or even more of their indices includes a "none" value, for this reason rendering the list invalid. This occurs frequently with mods that add brand-new keywords(categories of items) or formlists (categories of items/keywords/various other formlists) to the workshop using manuscript injection -- the usage of a manuscript (thus the name) to insert custom formlists and keywords into a vanilla list.

The reason that manuscript injection is employed is bereason straight inserting the content right into vanilla menus will make that mod incompatible via any type of various other mod that modifies the exact same food selection. The reason that it creates incompatibility is bereason of the way Fallout loads mods: any kind of modified formlist that is loaded will overwrite the previous variation, as opposed to adding its items to the existing one. This means that, out of several mods that have actually their very own versions of the exact same list, just the one from the last mod to be loaded will certainly be provided. The script injection method adds the mod's content to the list when the player tons a conserve file via that mod for the first time, bypassing the game's system and permitting mods to share vanilla formlists.

The worry with making use of this strategy is that it makes uninstalling them rather tricky; a script has to be run to rerelocate the tradition content effectively. If the entries aren't rerelocated before the mod is uninstalled, the next time that save is loaded any kind of list that as soon as contained a tradition enattempt will certainly not display bereason that list currently includes an index via a "none" worth.

Most mod machines have gadgets in the game - commonly an "uninstall chem/holotape" - that the user have to craft and also then use/activate in order to run the script before they rerelocate the mod from their pack order. The Settlement Menu Manager does this immediately when a mod is removed however it needs the mod maker to compose their script particularly for it, which then makes the SMM a need for that mod. Also, utility mods such as DarthWayne's Universal Missing Menus Fixer are made solely to purge vanilla lists of any type of "none" worths.

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What a lot of most likely happened to you was that you had a mod that included a tradition keyword/formlist to your lacking vanilla list. When you loaded your conserve without any kind of mods set up, the list was made invalid because the indices that the mod's items occupied currently had "none" worths (given that the mod was supposedly imcorrectly uninstalled). Reinstalling the mod most likely wouldn't deal with the worry as the script would certainly simply append the tradition content to the end of the list, producing brand-new entries. When I was testing the script injection for my very own mod, but, making use of DarthWayne's fixer did the trick for me eincredibly time.