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I have a Huawei Y536A1 via jiyuushikan.org 4.4.3 which I attempted to root with KingoRoot yet it ended up offering me a half-root after testing it with the Freedom application. I tried uninstalling it utilizing the KingoRoot Superuser, but it simply deletes the Superuser app and also restarts yet does not delete the root itself. I tried manually deleting the su papers (via Root Explorer AND ES Documents Explorer), however I don"t have actually the appropriate perobjectives to execute so. I likewise tried making use of SuperSU but the binaries always failed to update and also as soon as I tried complete unroot it still didn"t unroot. I likewise tried to install KingRoot over KingoRoot however it shelp that it couldn"t root (even though the device is compatible). How perform I rerelocate this fifty percent root so I can totally root?

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Answer after a long time however this must work as i have actually checked...If you have a pc then you have to downpack the huawei pc suite(HiSuite)from its website(huawei)and perform sw upday of your smartphone bu usb conn. as manytimes it will do the functions according to reviews i listened.Anvarious other method is to uncover the root documents from using ES file explorer and also you need to track those papers by searching to device records which is composed on kingoroot webwebsite.Next step is to delete those documents but be cautious as this calls for specialization.Tright here may be an additional method as i am not an skilled till now ;)


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