Uninstall graphics driver from command prompt windows 10

I recently updated the "Standard AHCI Driver" (whatever before it was called), to the one argued on the lapheight manufacturer"s webwebsite.

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At initially, it maintained going via the automatic recovery procedure. With much trouble, I managed to acquire the Windows 8 installation to boot into safe mode and sheight it from immediately trying to deal with startup (which was not working).

Now, when the computer restarts, it complains around iaStor.sys being invalid and / or missing. This provides feeling, because the offending driver is resulting in all of these issues.

My question now- is tright here a way I can revert to the Standard AHCI Driver? Possibly making use of a recoextremely console? I desire to avoid re-installing Windows, which is the only way I have the right to view to deal with this difficulty currently.

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I"m guessing the offending driver is not displayed in Device Manager while in Safe Mode?If it is displayed, you have to be able to rollago or install the conventional driver from there.

Otherwise, from Safe Mode (and probably the recoextremely console), you have the right to usage pnputil.exe to uninstall the driver.

Type pnputil -e to display a list of mounted drivers.You might want to use pnputil -e | even more so the list is output one display screen at a time.After you"ve situated the driver in the list, note the inf file shown for the driver (e.g., oem00.inf).Type pnputil -d oem00.inf to delete the driver.You might need to usage pnputil -f -d oem00.inf to force deletion.


I ran into complying with error through pnputil -e on the latest Windows 10 repair console:

No publiburned driver packages were discovered on the systemI had actually to usage dism

Listing drivers:

dism /image:c: /get-driversRemoving a driver:

dism /image:c: /remove-driver /driver:oem#.infUse list vol inside diskcomponent to gain the assigned drive letter of your windows partition and relocation /image:c: through it


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