Unfortunately camera has stopped lg g4

I have the US991 (U.S Cellular unlocked) version of the LG G4 and also I've had it considering that early on October and also it's had actually absolutely no problems until 3 days ago where every time I tried using the video camera, I get a message saying "Unfortunately, Camera has actually quit." Because of this, I can't take pictures or use apps like snapchat at all because it tries to initialize the camera and can't, so then the phone crashes. I've already tried clearing cache, deleting photos, switching launchers, factory reestablishing, hell I even took the phone apart to acquire the cam module out and also see what's wrong but it looks fine! The just thing that has operated for me is taking the battery out and also letting both the phone and battery rest on a cold surchallenge for fifty percent an hour, that's a good momentary deal with but now that isn't also working. Does anybody recognize what I must do?

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I can't assist too a lot. But my Verizon (VS986) began doing something comparable a month or so ago. I'll gain the "Camera has actually stopped" message repetitively. Sometimes the phone just reboots spontaneously, if I start the video camera. It will certainly continue to be at a babsence display for a couple of seconds, reflecting the emphasis dots, but no cam watch, then will certainly reboot.

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When the video camera stops responding, I discovered that manually rebooting would certainly sometimes solve it, but not always. Sometimes, just the front-encountering camera would certainly occupational. When the electronic camera would certainly stop functioning, I additionally could not use the flashlight, it would certainly say the electronic camera was in-use, I think.

What has worked best for me is holding Power and also Volume Down while rebooting, to make the startup food selection show up. Then I perform Clear Cache, which shows up to be various than going into Setups, Storage, and doing Clear Cache. The most basic means for me to gain to this menu while rebooting is to shut the phone off, then revolve it on by holding Power and also Volume Down, until that food selection appears.

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I likewise tried utilizing another video camera app, which was also unable to make the rear camera job-related.

I'd held off on Android updates for a while, yet at the moment I'm letting mine upday completely. Then I may execute a Factory Reset too. I'm hoping that mine is simply a software application glitch, considering that rebooting through Clear Cache shows up to assist for a few days. I'll check out if this helps my phone.

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Given what you've tried, I'd think about replacing the electronic camera module. They seem to be around $15, hopefully a replacement would certainly help. I'm not sure what else is helpful to attempt.